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Summary of Fields of Study

1.  Goal(s)
    • Upon completion of a Physics major, students will be able to determine specified information about a physical system using basic physics principles, mathematical representations, laboratory methods and instruments, and computer and graphical techniques; find and retrieve published or computer archived information; communicate physics concepts and results of scientific work in written and oral form.

    • In addition to the above goals, Professional Emphasis majors will be able to use integrated principles of physics and advanced analytic and computational methods.

    • Applied Physics Emphasis majors will be able to use the concepts and laboratory techniques of digital and analog electronics, digital signal processing techniques to improve and analyze digitized data.

    • Secondary Education Emphasis majors will be able to use appropriate apparatus and computers to teach physics concepts to high school students.

    • Physics/Engineering Dual Degree majors will receive a B.S. degree with a major in Physics from UW Oshkosh and a B.S. degree with a major in Engineering from either the University of Minnesota.

    • Upon completion of the Engineering Technology majors, students will be able to apply engineering principles to the solution of practical problems. Students will develop skills in hands-on application labs and courses that explore fundamental and advanced topics in electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering technology.  Teamwork, technical writing, and project management are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

    2. The Major(s)
      • The Department offers a major in Physics with four emphases: 1) Professional Physics, 2) Applied Physics, 3) Secondary Education, and 4) Physics/Engineering Dual.

      • The Engineering Technology Program offers three majors: 1) Electrical Engineering Technology,           2) Environmental Engineering Technology, 3) Mechanical Engineering Technology.  

             3. The Minor(s)
        • The Department offers three minor(s): 1) Astronomy, 2) Physics - Liberal Arts, and 3) Physics - Secondary Education.

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