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The Major(s), with Emphases and/or Options

Philosophy Major

Recommended for students who seek either a traditional liberal arts education or a broad, liberal background as preparation for professional study in various disciplines which fundamentally are various philosophies in action. Even so-called common sense is shot through with the fading hues of past philosophies. Philosophy deals with important and fascinating problems unanswered by the natural or social sciences. The subject has a great appeal for those interested in answers to fundamental questions about the nature of reality, human beings and society. The word "philosophy" comes from the ancient Greek meaning love of wisdom.

  • Required Units (crs.): 33 minimum

  • Required Courses: In addition to the Core Courses: 

    • Philosophy: Philosophy 305 History of Modern Philosophy and 475 Philosophy Capstone

  • Electives: (15 crs.) Five courses consisting of at least one course from each category (Category A-Metaphysics/Epistemology; Category B-Value Theory)

        Category A:  Metaphysics/Epistemology

    • Philosophy 306  Philosophy of Emotion

    • Philosophy 309 Contemporary Philosophy

    • Philosophy 315 Philosophy of Science

    • Philosophy 316 Introduction to Cognitive Science

    • Philosophy 319 Theory of Knowledge

    • Philosophy 327 Philosophy of Mind

    • Philosophy 331 American Philosophy

    • Philosophy 422 Philosophy of Language

         Category B:  Value Theory 

    • Philosophy 205 Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society

    • Philosophy 215 Philosophy of Art

    • Philosophy 225 Philosophy of Love

    • Philosophy 311 Bioethics

    • Philosophy 325 Social and Political Philosophy

    • Philosophy 329 Contemporary Ethical Problems

    • Philosophy 330 Business and Ethics

    • Philosophy 345 Philosophy of Law

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