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Summary of Fields of Study

  1. Goal(s)

  • See the department for a listing of their goal(s).

  • The Major(s)

    • The Department does not offer a major.

  • The Minor(s)

    • The Department offers one minor: 1) Military Science.

  • Army ROTC

    • Reserve Officer Training Corps instruction at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh follows a general Military Science Program, which combines theory and practical application of subject matter common to all branches of the Army. The Military Science Program is open to all students who meet the prerequisites, regardless of academic major.

  • Army ROTC Scholarship Financial Assistance

    • Army ROTC scholarships are offered for four, three and two years and are awarded on merit to the most outstanding students who apply.

    • Four-year scholarships are awarded to students who will be entering college as freshmen and also to Army enlisted personnel on active duty. Three-and two-year scholarships are awarded to students already enrolled in college and to Army enlisted personnel on active duty. Students who attend the Leadership Training Course (LTC) in lieu of the first two years of the Program may be awarded a two-year scholarship following completion of the course.

    • Each scholarship pays for college tuition and educational fees, which are required of all students, and provides a fixed amount for textbooks, supplies and equipment. Each scholarship also includes a monthly cash allowance for every year the scholarship is in effect.

    • Special consideration for an Army ROTC scholarship is given to students pursuing degrees in nursing, engineering, the physical sciences and other technical skills currently in demand by the Army. Students who receive a scholarship will be required to attain an undergraduate degree in the field in which the scholarship was awarded.

    • Non-scholarship cadets in the Advanced Course also receive a monthly cash allowance for each of the two years, as well as pay for attending the five-week Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC) during the summer. Students attending the Leadership Training Course (LTC) for the Two-Year Program also receive pay for this course.

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