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Admission/Graduation Requirements


Admission to the Kinesiology Emphases is competitive; students interested in applying to one of the programs should submit an admission portfolio the semester after the requirements are met.  Portfolios are assessed and the top students gain entry into the Major/Emphases.  Minimum grade requirements include: grade of B or better in Kinesiology 121, passing grade in Kinesiology 122, and grade C or better in Biology 105, 211 and Kinesiology 170.  A GPA is computed from three of the following courses: Kinesiology 171, 173, Psychology 101, 102, 110, Math 104, Biology 212, Chemistry 105, Physics 107, Anthropology 102, 202, WBIS 188, English 101 or 102, Communication 111, Sociology 101 or 151, Philosophy 101, and Nursing 200, 215. Each student’s overall GPA, GPA in the required courses and three additional courses is used as a part of the selection process.   Students also submit a cover letter, resume, and essay in an online portfolio.  Further information is provided on the department website and in Kinesiology 122.

Athletic Training

Admission to the Athletic Training major is competitive; students interested in applying should submit an admission portfolio during Phase Two (below). The Athletic Training Program reserves the right to select students deemed most qualified after one year of Pre-Professional study. Successfully completing the following steps ensures only consideration for admission:

Phase One: Fall Semester:

Students interested in athletic training should begin in courses Kinesiol 170, Kinesiol 121, and Biology 105. Biology 105 must be taken in the fall or have been previously completed.

Phase Two: Spring Semester:

The top 24 students with the highest GPAs that meet the criteria below will be placed into Kinesiol 189 and must register for Kinesiol 122, Kinesiol 171, Kinesiol 173, and Biology 211.

Phase Three: Program Admissions

A maximum of 16 students will be selected into the professional phase, based on the following criteria:

1. Full time student status and/or completed 60 credit hours/2 and/or 4 year degree.

2. Completion of Kinesiol 104 or current First Aid/CPR certification.

3. Minimum 2.75 overall GPA for Pre-Professional Year and minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.

4. Individual course grades of "C" or higher in Biology 105, Kinesiol 171, Kinesiol 173, and Biology 211; as well as course grades of “B” or higher in Kinesiol 170 and Kinesiol 189.

5. InterviewAthletic Training faculty/staff will conduct the interview. Questions will be intended to assess each student’s clinical potential, academic preparation, integration of experiences, fit with the program, and career goals. Interviews will be evaluated on the basis of how specific questions are addressed and how, in general, the interview proceeds.

6. Completed Portfolio---specific details on this requirement will be addressed beginning in Kinesiol 122. See the Program Director for additional information on this requirement. 

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