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Summary of Fields of Study

1.  Goal(s)
  • Interactive Web Management graduates are able to create and manage interactive user experiences across web and mobile platforms with the goal of improving business performance. This interdisciplinary academic major designed to prepare students to:
    • Understand how to create and evaluate interactive user experiences involving user generated content, social media, and collaborative technologies. [Involves usability - is that clear?]
    • Create and manipulate digital content and multimedia, including text, images, video, and graphics for specific audiences.
    • Design and program software applications [and manage software development projects] - does curriculum support project management?
    • Run and manage a website, including making decisions about: hosting, domain names, architecture (server-side vs. client-side), content delivery networks, appropriate use of cloud computing, availability, security etc.
    • Understand how adoption of emerging technologies can support business strategy and performance
    • Apply online marketing/advertising/PR strategies, including: search engine optimization, social network penetration, user analytics, and other methods to brand and promote an organization
    • Understanding data-related issues, including collection, analysis, privacy, ethical use, and security.
2.  The Major(s)
  • The program offers one major: Interactive Web Management

3.  The Minor(s)

  • None

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