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Admission/Graduation Requirements

  • Professional Military Education (PME): The Department of the Army PME requirement must be fulfilled prior to a student receiving a commission. This requirement encompasses three parts: baccalaureate degree; completion of MS Advanced Courses (Military Science 301, 302, 401, 402 and corresponding Leadership Labs) and Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC); completion of an American Military History course. The Military History requirement requires students to take a pre-approved three-credit history class.

  • The student who successfully completes the Army PME requirements is eligible for commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army; either in an active or reserve capacity. Additionally, the Military Science Program offers a Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), which allows students who are members of the Army National Guard or Army Reserve to enroll in the MS Advanced Course and receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant upon completion of the program.

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