Environmental Studies Minor

  • Required Units (crs.): 25 minimum

  • Required Courses: 25 units (crs.):

    • Environment and Science Area, Seven units (crs.) as follows: Four units (crs.) from Biology 105, Chemistry 103, Geology 150, Geography and Urban Planning 121; and 3 units (crs.) from Biology 260/ Environmental Studies 260.

    • Environment and Society Area, Six units (crs.) as follows: Three units (crs.) from Environmental Studies 101, and three units (crs.) from Environmental Studies 261/Political Science 261/Sociology 261.

    • Environment and Values area, Six units (crs.), three units (crs.) from English 243/Environmental Studies 243, English 244/Environmental Studies 244, Religious Studies 162/Environmental Studies 162; Three units (crs.) from Environmental Studies 272, 282.

    • Interdisciplinary Seminars, Six units (crs.) from Environmental Studies 370, Environmental Studies 490

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