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Summary of Fields of Study

  1. Goal(s)

    Within three to five years after graduation, our typical alumni will:

  • Advance beyond initial entry-level positions as computing professionals or have made significant progress toward a graduate degree in computing.

  • Use the background they have acquired in a wide range of areas in computer science during their undergraduate study as a basis for continued growth of their professional knowledge and skills.

  • Use teamwork skills effectively in the development of complex software systems.

  • Use communication skills to advance within the organizational structure of workplaces that are becoming increasingly diverse and interconnected among different groups including, but not necessarily limited to, those groups based on racial, gender, age, and religious backgrounds.

  • Demonstrate strong professional ethics in all of their computing endeavors.

  • The Major(s)

    • The Department offers a choice of two emphases within the Computer Science Major. These are 1) Computer Science, 2) Software Engineering.  

  • The Minor(s)

    • The Department offers one minor: Computer Science.
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