Course Offerings

African American Studies   100                                        3 (crs.)

Introduction to African American Studies (HU)(ES)(XC)

An interdisciplinary survey introduction to some of the major individuals, texts and issues that suggest the complex history and culture that have evolved over time among African Americans in the United States.

African American Studies   101                                        3 (crs.)

Exploring African American Studies (XC)(ES)(HU)

A survey of ideas, issues and traditions related over time to the experiences of people of black American ancestry in the United States.

African American Studies   311                                        3 (crs.)

Sociology of the Modern City (SS)

For the first time in history, more people in the world now live in urban areas than rural areas. This course explores urban places and urban people, in historical context and via current affairs, from our largest cities to the local level. It focuses in particular on these topics that impact urban places: suburbanization and sprawl; stratification, immigration, community, and organizations; population diversity, hop-hop culture, and racism; and, politics, globalization, planning and environmental issues. Cross-listed: Sociology 311/African American Studies 311. Students may only receive credit for one of the two cross-listed courses.  Prerequisites: Sociology 101 or 151, or 203 or consent of instructor. Special course fees may apply.

African American Studies   366                                      1-3 (crs.)

Service Learning Field Study

In this course, students will apply their African American Studies education to service activities in the community, under the supervision of an individual at the site and a member of the faculty or academic staff. Students will volunteer for a certain number of hours per week depending upon the number of credits they will receive. Students will also write reflective papers that connect their service experiences with relevant readings. Service activities must be relevant to African American Studies. Prerequisites: Instructor permission and 6 hours of African American Studies course credit. (Note: The general prerequisites for Independent Study/Related Readings are waived for this course).

African American Studies   395                                        3 (crs.)

Special Topics A: Optional Content

Special Topics A courses focus solely on African American Studies. The course may be repeated once with different content.

African American Studies   396                                        3 (crs.)

Special Topics B: Optional Content

Special Topics B courses focus in part on African American Studies, with significant portion of students' coursework devoted to African American Studies. The course may be repeated once with different content.

African American Studies   397                                         3 (crs.)

Special Topics C: Optional Content

Special Topics C courses focus solely on African American Studies.

African American Studies   400                                        3 (crs.)

Hip Hop: Cultural/Historical

In this course students will read a select group of critical texts, including essays, articles, and interviews; view films; and listen to lyrics that form in part the evolving traditions of hip-hop culture. Students will explore issues related to history, politics, economics, gender construction, sexual identity, violence, geographical differences, and the arts for critical analysis. Prerequisites: AAS 100 and one 200 level literature course, earning a C or better grade.

African American Studies   446                                      1-3 (crs.)

Independent Study

See Independent Study under Course and Academic Advisement policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements.

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