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Summary of Fields of Study

  1. Goal(s)

  • Environmental Studies is the study of the relationships between human culture and living systems. It is also a study with a purpose: to understand the social variables that lead to environmental degradation and to inspire critical thought and action in response. Thus, it is a course of study for people who care about environmental issues and want to contribute to the resolution of environmental problems.

  • The Major(s)

    • The program offers a single Interdisciplinary major, the Environmental Studies major. Within the Environmental Studies major, the Department offers a choice of two emphases: 1) Environmental Policy and Values; 2) Environmental Science.

  • The Minor(s)

    • The program offers one minor: (1) Environmental Studies. The minor is licensable for students in the elementary education (Early Childhood - Early Adolescence, Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence) or secondary education (Early Adolescence Ð Adolescence) with majors in Broad Field Natural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics.

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