Brown (Anthropology) Pillsbury (Biology/Microbiology) 
Coulibaly (Geography and Urban Studies) Plude (Chemistry)
Cross (Geography and Urban Affairs) Rainboth (Biology/Microbiology)
Dunn (Business) Rindo (English)
Feldman (Environmental Studies) Roth (English) 
Gutow (Chemistry) Scribner (Political Science)
Haley (Economics) Simmons (Political Science)
Haynes (English) Slagter (Political Science)
Hiatt (Geology) Spehar (Anthropology)
Hinrichs (Communication) Stelzer (Biology/Microbiology)
Holton (Biology/Microbiology) Van Auken (Sociology/Environmental Studies)
Kleinheinz (Biology/Microbiology) Wise (Biology/Microbiology)
Lammers (Biology/Microbiology) Zaniewski (Geography and Urban Planning)
Landry (English)

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