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Summary of Fields of Study

  1. Goal(s)

  • As part of the University's assessment plan, the department has established the following goals: majors in English will be able to comprehend familiar and unfamiliar texts; compare and contrast texts; write interpretive essays in effective prose; use reading and writing to address a wide variety of topics; articulate a critically informed, carefully reasoned position; find the kinds of information that are relevant to the problems being addressed; write and respond creatively; revise their own work and edit the work of others. Progress toward these goals will be assessed in a portfolio of student work, a senior seminar and an exit interview.

  • The Major(s)

    • The Department offers a choice of two majors. These are: 1) Liberal Arts, 2) Secondary Education.

  • The Minor(s)

    • The Department offers two minor(s): 1) Liberal Arts, 2) Secondary Education.

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