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Required Core Courses

These courses are required of all Computer Science Majors:

  • Computer Science

    • Computer Science 221, Object-Oriented Programming and Design I 3 crs.

    • Computer Science 251, Computer Organization and Assembly Language 3 crs.

    • Computer Science 262, Object Oriented Programming and Design II 4 crs.

    • Computer Science 271, Data Structures 4 crs.

    • Computer Science 331, Programming Languages 3 crs.

  • One of the following

    • Computer Science 399 Internship in Computer Science 6 crs. maximum

    • Computer Science 490 Practicum in Computer Science 3 crs.

  • Mathematics

    • Mathematics 212 Mathematics for Computer Science 3 crs.

  • Physics

    • Physics 311 Digital Instrumentation 4 crs.


The Physics 311 course also satisfies the one-semester laboratory science course requirement for the B.S. degree, as long as the two-course laboratory science sequence is taken from courses in a department other than Physics. Students pursuing the Computer Science emphasis should see the description of that emphasis for special considerations that apply when using Physics 311 in this way. Physics 311 also satisfies the one-semester laboratory science course requirement.

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