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Home Address Update Form

For Students Only

The University requires you maintain a record of your current address to ensure delivery of University mail.  If you are unable to update your address via Titan Web, simply complete and submit the Change of Home Address form below.  It’s not necessary to have a local address identical to your home address.

 Home Address your parent's/guardian's residence or your only address. For International students this must be your address in your home country.

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  • Residence Hall Address are maintained by Residence Life.

  • Local Address (your off-campus address) if different than your home address.

 To Update an Address Using Titan Web

  • Log on to Titan Web and click the Address link under Personal Information
  • A list of your addresses on record with the university will display, with alternative links to make address changes at the bottom of the page
    • If you want all of your university correspondence to go to the same address, click on the Home Address Link at the bottom of the page.
    • To add a local address, click Add a New Type of Address link and proceed.


To Delete an Address Using Titan Web

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 above
  • A link to delete an address will appear only when you have local  address.
  • You can not delete a home or dormitory address.


Address Guidelines

Omit all punctuation (i.e. hyphens, periods, etc.) in your address

Use the following abbreviations for street, road, etc.

    • Road =  Rd
    • Street =  St
    • Avenue =  Ave
    • Drive  =   Dr
    • Boulevard =  Blvd
      The following are acceptable unit designators:
        • Apartment  =   Apt
        • Building  =  Bldg
          The apartment number must follow the street address on the same line
            • Example:  101 Main St Apt 2
              Numbered streets should not be spelled out 
              • Example:  1st, 2nd, 10th not First, Second, or Tenth
                The following are acceptable directional abbreviations.  Use the appropriate with no punctuation.
                  • North  =  N
                  • South West =  SW