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FAQ Undergraduate Graduation

Frequently asked questions

When do I apply for graduation?
Applications for graduation are due by the last day of the semester preceding the semester in which you plan to complete your degree requirements. Note: The College of Business Administration has an earlier deadline. Check with your Business advisor for the specific date.

What if I am earning more than one degree?
A separate application is required for each degree you are earning. (If you are earning multiple majors within the same degree, only one application is necessary.)

What if I am finishing in the summer?
Your application deadline is the same as that of a June graduate - the final day of the Fall semester. Summer graduates have the option of participating in the May or December ceremony.

How do I turn in my Application for Graduation?
Applications should be submitted via the on-line form available at

When do I hear if I am eligible for graduation?
This varies from college to college, but if the application is submitted by the deadline, students will receive a letter before the beginning of their final semester indicating if they will have met all requirements for graduation or if deficiencies exist.

What if I get a letter stating that I have deficiencies for graduation?
If you receive a deficiency letter, contact your advisor immediately in an effort to clear the deficiency. Many problems can be rectified and graduation can proceed on schedule. DO NOT IGNORE a deficiency and assume it will go away.

What if I am completing transfer work during my graduation semester?
Inform your graduation examiner that you are completing transfer courses. All course work - including transfer courses - used toward your degree must be completed before the official graduation date. Have an official transcript sent to UW Oshkosh immediately upon completion of the transfer work, and verify that the transcript has been sent.

What if I get an incomplete in my final semester?
Graduation is the completion of all courses on your record. Students are ineligible to graduate with in-completes on their record.

What if I fail a course during my final semester?
If the course is needed to complete credits and/or requirements, it will be necessary for you to reapply for a later graduation date. If the course is not needed to meet a specific degree or credit requirement, your degree will be granted.

What if I change my mind and decide I don't want to graduate?
If you have submitted an Application for Graduation, it will be necessary for you to provide written notification requesting deletion of graduation information for that semester. You will then need to complete a new application for the semester in which you do intend to graduate. If your degree has already been posted, it is too late to change graduation information.

When will my degree be posted to my transcripts?
Degrees are posted as soon as possible after the official grades have been entered to your record. Degrees are posted after the 14-week term, if all course work is complete, and after the 17-week term. All degrees (no matter when posted) will have the same official graduation date.

When will I get my diploma?
Diplomas are sent to the "Diploma Address" you furnished on the Application for Graduation approximately 8-10 weeks after the official graduation date (not the Commencement date).

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