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Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2013
Public Administration


Public Administration

Craig Maher, Chairperson
Program Office: Clow Faculty 401
Telephone: 920-424-3230

I would like to see:

Summary of Fields of Study
Admission/Graduation Requirements
Required Core Courses
The Major(s), with Emphases and/or Options
The Minor(s)
Course Offerings

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Summary of Fields of Study

1. Goals
The mission of the Public Administration Department is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with an understanding of the field of public administration and the leadership skills required for public service. Undergraduate students are taught by experienced Public Administration faculty about the field of public administration and potential public service career tracks through information in the areas of human resources, economic development, leadership, bureaucracy, and political process. Graduate students are taught through small, interactive weekend classes that draw on their life experiences and their ability to direct their own learning and to strengthen their analytical skills, ethics, accountability, responsiveness, and public service leadership capacity.

2. The Major(s)

3. The Minor(s)
The program offers one minor: Public Administration

Admission/Graduation Requirements

The Minor(s)

Recommended for students who wish to acquire administrative skills and knowledge in preparation for careers in the public sector.

    • Required Units (crs.): 24 minimum
    • Required Courses:
      • Group A: Public Administration 102, 221
      • Group B: Two of the following courses: Public Administration 307, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366, 369, 390, 391
    • Electives: Sufficient to meet the Minimum Requirement including these studies:
      • Business: Business Administration 412
      • Communication: Communication 443
      • Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice 340
      • Economics: Economics 403
      • Interdisciplinary Studies: Interdisciplinary Studies 312
      • Political Science: Political Science 225, 245, 253, 321, 324, 394
      • Psychology: Psychology 363.
      • Sociology: Sociology 361
      • Urban Planning: Urban Planning 300
    • Comment:
      Students are expected to complete a 3 unit (cr.) internship for the Public Administration minor.


Course Offering(s)