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Undergraduate Bulletin 2009-2011
College of Business


College of Business

C. Burk Tower, Dean
Department Office: Clow Classroom 151
Department Telephone: 920-424-0351

Bryan Lilly, Associate Dean for Professional Development
Department Office: Clow Classroom 151C
Department Telephone: 920-424-7201

Mike Tippins, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Department Office: Clow Faculty 211
Department Telephone: 920-424-2094

William Wresch, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Department Office: Clow Classroom 149B
Department Telephone: 920-424-4151

Joann Cross, Team Leader - Accounting Team
Department Office: Clow Faculty 113
Department Telephone: 920-424-1311

Ralph Gunderson, Team Leader - Economics Team
Department Office: Clow Faculty 331
Department Telephone: 920-424-7151

Robert Kunkel, Team Leader - Finance and Business Law Team
Department Office: Clow Faculty 108
Department Telephone: 920-424-7191

Michael Eierman, Team Leader - Management Information Systems Team
Department Office: Clow Faculty 205
Department Telephone: 920-424-0183

B.S. Sridhar, Team Leader - Management and Human Resource Team
Department Office: Clow Faculty 203
Department Telephone: 920-424-0199

Birgit Leisen Pollack, Team Leader - Marketing Team
Department Office: Clow Faculty 217
Department Telephone: 920-424-0076

Steven Dunn, Team Leader - Supply Chain & Operations Management Team
Department Office: Clow Faculty 213
Department Telephone: 920-424-2162

Kathy Fredrickson, Director of Marketing & Alumni Association Liaison
Department Office: Swart 237
Department Telephone: 920-424-3270

Jessie Pondell , Internship Director
Department Office: Clow Classroom 151D
Department Telephone: 902-424-3032

Code 28 or BUSINESS
Code 36 or ECONOMICS

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Summary of Fields of Study
Admission/Graduation Requirements
Required Core Courses
The Major(s), with Emphases and/or Options
The Minor(s)
Course Offerings

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