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Undergraduate Bulletin 2007-2009
Pre-Professional Education


Pre-Professional Education


The following first semester courses are suggested, with exceptions to this schedule noted below:

  • Physics 109 or Chemistry 105 *
  • Computer Science 221
  • Mathematics 171 (or begin the math sequence based on placement test results) * *
  • Practical Arts 101 ***

Required Physics courses:
Physics 109 General Physics I - 5 cr.
Physics 110 General Physics II - 5cr.
Physics 206, Modern Physics - 4 cr.
Physics 222 - 2 cr.
Physics 320 Classical Physics* - 3 cr.
*(OR Physics 201 Statistics, and Physics 202 Dynamics) - 6 cr.
*Statistics and Dynamics may be taken at the destination engineering school.

Additional UW Oshkosh Physics courses (total 11 credits) from the following list:
Physics 305 Electronic Circuits and Devices - 3 cr.
Physics 311 Digital Instrumentation - 4 cr.
Physics 307 Optics - 3 cr.
Physics 319 Digital Signal Processing - 3 cr.
Physics 322 Physics Laboratory II - 2 cr.
Physics 408 Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics - 3 cr.
Physics 417 Electricity and Magnetism - 3 cr.
Physics 419 Quantum Mechanics - 3 cr.
Physics 491 Senior Research Project - 1-4 cr.
Total minimum physics and Engineering
credits from UW Oshkosh, as stated above: - 26 cr.

Courses required from UW Oshkosh: Minimum of 30 cr.

Within the course credits transferred back from the destination engineering school to UW Oshkosh, there must be:




Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Martin Gruberg, CF 422/424, gruberg@uwosh.edu

Academic Advisor:

Lisa Szromba, Dempsey 130, szrombal@uwosh.edu




While we usually think of “Healthcare” as meaning the clinical care of patients, it also includes administration and management, research and development, and sales of pharmaceuticals and instrumentation.  New technologies, new policies, and new treatments have greatly expanded the number of Healthcare careers in recent years.  Information about these careers may be found through the United States Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics http://www.bls.gov/oco/, the American Medical Association http://www.ama-assn.org/, and the Wisconsin Area Health Education Center http://wihealthcareers.org.  

Undergraduate preparation for many of these Healthcare careers can be obtained at UW Oshkosh. Moreover, today’s high school seniors will probably have even more options by the time they are college seniors.  UW Oshkosh has its eye on this future for our students.

I. Terminal Bachelor’s Degree Programs

UW Oshkosh offers several Healthcare-related degree programs requiring only a Bachelor’s degree as the “terminal” degree.  These include:

  • Athletic Training Major
  • Medical Technology Major
  • Nursing Major (traditional program)

Each of the above majors takes about 8 semesters (4 years) to complete. Degree completion is followed by passing a licensure exam, leading to eligibility for clinical care employment directly after college. Consult the Bulletin index or program web sites (found at http://www.uwosh.edu) for more details.  

Our College of Nursing also offers an Accelerated Nursing degree for students who have already earned a different Bachelor’s degree and have completed certain course prerequisites.  See http://www.uwosh.edu/con/undergrad/accelerated.php for more details.

In Fall 2007, UW Oshkosh instituted additional (terminal) Bachelor’s degree programs designed (in consultation with leading Healthcare employers in the Fox Valley region) to make students highly competitive for employment after college in Healthcare administration, management, and sales. The new programs are:

  • Biology Major, Healthcare-Business Emphasis
  • Chemistry Major, Healthcare-Business Emphasis
  • Psychology Major, Healthcare-Business Emphasis
  • Business Administration Major, Healthcare Emphasis

The first three are something like Healthcare “majors” with a business “minor” blended in, whereas the fourth is something like a business “major” with a Healthcare “minor” blended in. Students can choose the blend they prefer. For example, the Psychology Healthcare-Business option might be perfect for a student interested in an administrative position in mental health, whereas the Chemistry Healthcare-Business option might be best for a student who wants to work in pharmaceutical sales. 

II. Bachelor’s Degree Programs preparatory for Graduate Education Traditional Pre-Professional Bachelor’s degree programs are not terminal; instead, they prepare students for further Professional education at the Master’s or Doctoral level, culminating in professional clinical care or research and development careers.  Typically, Pre-Professional students at UW Oshkosh select a suitable major and then apply to the Professional school(s) of their choice in the junior year. What constitutes a “suitable major” is really up to the student because the graduate programs specify certain courses, but not certain majors.  Often, UW Oshkosh students choose traditional majors offered through our departments of Biology & Microbiology, Chemistry, Kinesiology & Health, or Psychology.  Then they go on to graduate schools and careers, such as the following:
  • Anesthesia assistant
  • Chiropractor
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Dentist
  • Medical doctor (allopathic or osteopathic)
  • Occupational therapist
  • Optometrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Podiatrist   
In Fall 2007, UW Oshkosh’s College of Letters & Sciences instituted new Healthcare-Science Emphases within selected majors designed specifically for Pre-Health students.  These Bachelor’s degree programs take some of the guesswork out of preparing for Professional school because they include most of the courses required for admission to most of the Professional schools. They also prepare students well for several different entrance exams (e.g. MCAT, DAT, PCAT, GRE).  They are a good option for the student interested in a clinical career, but unsure of which one. It is possible (with careful planning) to construct a Healthcare-Science degree so that the student’s final decision about which career can be made as late as the senior year. Because of the many lab classes and research experiences that count toward these majors, they are also excellent preparation for the student interested in biomedical research and development, or even in sales of pharmaceuticals and instrumentation.  The new Healthcare Science Emphases are:
  • Biology Major, Healthcare-Science Emphasis
  • Biomolecular Science Major
  • Chemistry Major, Healthcare-Science Emphasis
  • Physical Education Major, Healthcare-Science Emphasis
  • Psychology Major, Healthcare-Science Emphasis

The College of Letters & Sciences also offers several minors that may interest Pre-Health Professions students who have declared any major, including:

  • Biology Minor
  • Chemistry Minor
  • Microbiology Minor
  • Neuroscience Minor
  • Psychology Minor

Students wishing up-to-date information on these degree programs should consult the Bulletin index for the sponsoring department or the campus web site for more details on each of those programs. 

III. Special Programs
Several times per year, our College of Nursing offers an Accelerated Nursing Assistant program, preparing students over the age of 16 for the licensure exam for employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Classes are held in the evenings and on weekends and may take as little as 3 weeks to complete. See http://www.uwosh.edu/con/accel_nursing_assist.php for more information.
Our School of Graduate Studies offers a Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management to students who already hold Bachelor’s degrees.  This certificate is a “post-baccalaureate study that provides an historical perspective, familiarizes students with important policy issues and disciplinary approaches, provides theoretical grounding, and conveys the tools and framework for resolving complex problems in health care management”. See http://www.uwosh.edu/mpa/healthcare.htm for more information.
Web page:  http://www.uwosh.edu/healthcare/ 
Advisor email contacts:  advising@uwosh.edu or vaughan@uwosh.edu  




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