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Undergraduate Bulletin 2007-2009
Education and Human Services, College of


Education and Human Services, College of

Frederick L. Yeo, Dean

Office of the Dean : Nursing/Education 113
Telephone: 920-424-3322

Michael E. Beeth, Associate Dean
Office: Nursing/Education 113
Telephone: 920-424-3324

Jean D. Inda, Director
Professional Education Program
Office: Nursing/Education 113
Telephone: 920-424-0115

MaryBeth Petesch, Director
Office of Field Experiences and Internships
Office: Nursing/Education 113
Telephone: 920-424-3323


Department Chairpersons

M. Alan Saginak, Counselor Education
Telephone: 920-424-1475
Ava McCall, Curriculum and Instruction
Telephone: 920-424-2477
Marguerite Parks, Educational Foundations
Telephone: 920-424-7044
Janet Hagen, Human Services and Professional Leadership
Telephone: 920-424-0881
Joan Simmons, Reading Education
Telephone: 920-424-4444
Craig Fiedler, Special Education
Telephone: 920-424-3421

Service Center Directors

Polly Montgomery and Patricia Scanlan (co-directors), Fox Valley Writing Project
Telephone: 920-424-3325
Sally Wilke, Head Start Project
Telephone: 920-424-2166
William Kitz, Project Success
Telephone: 920-424-1033
Peg Hamblin, CESA 6 Media Center
Telephone: 920-424-3418
Elizabeth A. Lahm, Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative
Telephone: 920-424-2247

The College of Education and Human Services is committed to providing its students with quality instruction in degree programs that are designed to prepare graduates for employment in a variety of educational settings. The College is highly responsive to changing societal needs and provides programs, which enable students to obtain the broadest possible professional preparation, without sacrificing the depth of training, which is so essential to prospective employers.

Established over one hundred years ago, the College has developed an outstanding reputation based on the exceptional quality of its graduates.

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Summary of Fields of Study
Admission/Graduation Requirements
Required Core Courses
The Major(s), with Emphases and/or Options
The Minor(s)
Course Offerings

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