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Undergraduate Bulletin 2005-2007
International Studies


International Studies

Kenneth J. Grieb, Program Coordinator
Department Office: Polk Library 57
Department Telephone: 920-424-1291

Peter C. Johnson, African Studies Coordinator
Department Office: Halsey 320
Department Telephone: 920-424-7110

Thomas Bickford, Asian Studies Coordinator
Department Office: Clow Faculty 419
Department Telephone: 920-424-7166

Simon Sibelman, European Studies Coordinator
Department Office: Radford Hall 318
Department Telephone: 920-424-2375

Catherine Bryan, Latin American Studies Coordinator
Department Office: Radford Hall 306
Department Telephone: 920-424-0910

Code 59 or INTRNTL

I would like to see:

Summary of Fields of Study
Admission/Graduation Requirements
Required Core Courses
The Major(s), with Emphases and/or Options
The Minor(s)
Course Offerings

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