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Undergraduate Bulletin
Table of Contents 2003-2005

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers challenges to motivated and highly qualified freshmen, continuing UW Oshkosh students and transfer students. Honors courses are small, allowing stimulating exchanges between professors and students and coverage of material in greater depth. The enhanced courses emphasize reading, writing and interactive communication skills, encouraging students to engage in learning and research in cooperation with other high-achieving students. Honors courses are listed on the student's transcript. Admission to the University Honors Program is as follows.

  1. Students who graduated in the top 10 percent of their class from accredited high schools and achieved a composite score of 26 or higher on the ACT are eligible to enroll at the time they are admitted as freshmen. In addition, motivated students who meet just one of these criteria may apply to the director by presenting evidence of academic potential at the time of admission to University Wisconsin Oshkosh. (Contact the program office).
  2. UW Oshkosh students not admitted to the University Honors Program as freshmen may apply if their cumulative grade point average is 3.2 (1-29 units (crs.)) or 3.3 (30-59 units (crs.)).
  3. Transfer students from accredited colleges or universities who have a record of high academic achievement may also apply.

Students are expected to take at least one honors course each year until the minimum honors units (crs.) have been earned, and they are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average each semester. For example:

Graduation from the University Honors Program is a follows:

NOTE: A student may not earn credit in both an honors course and a non-honors course of the same title. Honors courses are differentiated by the added word “honors” in the title and different course number. For example:
English 228 Honors: Modern American Literature
Honors courses typically available are as follows; this list is subject to change.
Contact: University Honors Program - Polk Library 8
Phone: 920-424-1303
Web Site: www.uwosh.edu/honors

Number Title Units
Biology and Microbiology 108 Concepts in Biology-Unity 5
Communication 112 Fundamentals of Speech 3
Communication 162 Appreciation of the Drama 3
Ed Foundations 381 Educational Psychology 3
English 110 Composition 3
English 111 Critical Reading and Writing 3
English 228 Modern American Literature 3
English 349 20th Century Women Authors 3
Geology 110 Honors Geology 5
History 103 Modern Civilization 3
History 203 US History Since 1877 3
History 204 US History To 1877 3
Music 221 Music Appreciation 3
Nursing 317 Adult Health I Clinical 2
Philosophy 106 Ethics 3
Philosophy 110 Intro to Philosophy 3
Political Science 106 American Government and Politics 3
Political Science 107 Introduction to Government 3
Psychology 104 General Psychology 3
Psychology 302 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior 3
Religious Studies 202 Old Testament 3
Interdisciplinary Studies 175 Honors Seminar 3
Interdisciplinary Studies 271 and 272 The Culture Connection 2
Interdisciplinary Studies 375 Honors Junior Seminar 3
Interdisciplinary Studies 475 Honors Senior Seminar 3
XX - 474 Honors Senior Thesis 3-6

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