99-131 Contemporary Urban Issues (SS) 3 cr. (Fall)
An introductory course which examines some of the major contemporary issues confronting American cities including crime, poverty, education, housing, transportation, and the environment. The course will draw on guest lecturers from government agencies.
99-300/500 Planning 3 cr. (Fall)
An overview of urban planning including the history of planning, major types of planning techniques and theory, values of planners, and strategies for planning effectiveness.
99-317/517 Land Use Regulation 3 cr. (Fall)
An overview of the purposes, theoretical and legal issues, tools, and techniques of land use planning and regulation.
99-320/520 Housing 3 cr. (Spring)
An overview of urban housing including its recent history, the nature of the housing market, the impact of housing on society, government regulation and assistance, and new housing patterns.
99-351 Planning Seminar 3 cr. (As Scheduled)
Emphasis on application of theory to particular problems. Prerequisite: 99-300.
99-410 Special Topics 1-3 cr. (Fall-Spring)
A seminar type course to suit special, one-time-only situations.
99-425 Computer Uses in Urban Analysis 3 cr. (Spring-As Scheduled)
Students will gain a knowledge of electronic data processing and analytical skills appropriate to entry level requirements in urban management positions, in particular analyses and effective display of socio-economic trends and other types of data. Case studies utilized. Prerequisites: Two advanced Urban Studies courses and basic knowledge of computer use as determined by the instructor. 85-103 Recommended.
99-446 Independent Study 1-3 cr. (Fall-Spring)
See Independent Study under Course and Academic Advisement Policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements.
99-456 Related Readings 1-3 cr. (Fall-Spring)
See Related Readings under Course and Academic Advisement Policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements.
99-471 Field Experience 3 cr. (Spring-As Scheduled)
Introduces students to a wide variety of government units and individuals; improves writing skills. Weekly assignments are based on reports of meetings attended which are critiqued on basis of form and content.
99-474 Honors: Thesis 1-6 cr.
Honors thesis projects include any advanced independent endeavor in the student's major field of study, e.g., a written thesis, scientific experiment or research project, or creative arts exhibit or production. Proposals (attached to Independent Study contract) must show clear promise of honors level work and be approved by a faculty sponsor. Course title for transcript will be "Honors Thesis." Completed projects will be announced and presented to interested students and faculty. Maximum of 6 credits. Prerequisites: University scholar status and junior standing.
99-480 Internship 1-6 cr.
A work experience in which students' work about thirty hours per credit under the direct supervision of a person engaged in some phase of urban and regional planning and management.

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