Course Offerings - JOURNALISM

61-141 Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication 3 cr.

Introduction to the process and effects of mass communication, mass media industries, the functions of the mass media in society, and issues that mass communicators face in their careers. It also covers specialization in the media, globalization of the media, fragmented audiences and new media and technology.
61-211 Principles of Public Relations 3 cr.
Survey of the field of public relations, emphasizing theory and reviewing concepts, issues, techniques and practices. Designed to background the potential professional as well as individuals who will deal with the public in other careers such as business, education, government and community agencies. Prerequisite: 45 credits.
61-221 News Writing (2+2) 3 cr.
Discussion and exercises in writing news articles, style and structure of news stories, types of stories, and evaluation of news. Students should have typing proficiency before enrolling. Prerequisite: 38-101.
61-224 Editing (2+2) 3 cr.
Practice in editing copy for publication, headline writing, correction of copy, photo editing, publication design and make-up. Prerequisite: 61-221.
61-239 Press Photography I (1+4) 3 cr.
Study of basic photographic theory and picture-taking techniques related to publications. Laboratory work includes use of cameras and professional darkroom equipment. Prerequisite: 30 credits.
61-250 Principles of Advertising (3+0) 3 cr.
Advertising as a form of mass persuasion. Survey of advertising practices in a multicultural society. Prerequisite: 45 credits.
61-312 Media Ethics (3 cr.)

Studies of the moral issues and ethical problems that concern mass media practitioners, including those involved in broadcasting, print, public relations and advertising. Prerequisite: 61-221, 61-224, 61-312, and 60 credits.
61-315 Public Relations Techniques (2+2) 3 cr.
Study of skills and techniques essential to public relations practice. Focuses on solving problems through projects in writing and designing effective communication. Includes strategies and messages for print and electronic media. Prerequisites: 61-141, 61-211, 61-221, 61-224, and 60 credits.
61-325 Magazine Editing and Production (2+2) 3 cr.
Study of general, specialized, trade and company publications; selection and editing of content and technical procedures. Semester project. Prerequisite: 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, 61-327, 61-331, or consent of instructor.
61-327 Reporting (2+2) 3 cr.
Practice in gathering and writing of news, interviewing news sources, making ethical decisions. Assignments are frequently published in student and community newspapers. Prerequisite: 61-141, 61-221 and 60 credits.
61-331 Graphic Arts of the Print Media (2+2) 3 cr.
Introduction to typography, history of graphic design, use of visual images and color, principles of design, practice of layout skills and application of electronic technology to publication of printed materials. Prerequisite: 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, and 60 credits.
61-339 Press Photography II (1+4) 3 cr.
Advanced black and white and color photographic techniques for newspapers and magazines. Picture editing, picture story planning and execution. Emphasis on selection, composition, and content suitable for publication. Prerequisite: 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, 61-239, and 60 credits.
61-341 Press and Society (3+0) 3 cr.
(Offered irregularly) Relation of mass media to government and society. Psychology and sociology of the press, ethics, influence, and responsibilities of the press. Prerequisite: 61-141, and 60 credits.
61-351 Advertising Copy, Layout and Production (2+2) 3 cr.
Principles and techniques of copy writing, selection and presentation of creative strategies and sales points, use of computer skills and application of product and market research to specific creative problems in advertising. Preparation of copy, layout planning, and production. Prerequisite: 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, 61-250, and 60 credits.
61-353 Advertising Media (2+2) 3 cr.
Planning, selecting and buying of advertising media in a variety of marketing contexts. The emphasis is on consumer products and services, but other types of advertising will be considered as well. Relevant research dealing with market segments and media audiences. Prerequisites: 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, 61-250.
61-371 History of Journalism in the U.S. (3+0) 3 cr.

History of journalism and the mass media in the United States, role of the mass media as a social and cultural institution, and integration of the media into U.S. social, economic, and political systems. Prerequisite: 61-141 and 60 credits.
61-380 International Press/Comparative Mass Communications Systems (3+0) 1-3 cr. (Offered Irregularly)
Comparison of national communications systems, with emphasis on newspapers, news magazines. Differing press theories, restraints, limitations, working conditions. Impact of news media on national development. Prerequisite: 61-141.
61-412 Law of Mass Communication 3 cr.
Development of freedom of expression in the United States, with an emphasis on the Wisconsin experience. Privilege and restraints affecting mass media as a result of libel, invasion of privacy, copyright, constitutional guarantees, state and federal statutes, and controls on advertising and broadcasting. Prerequisites: 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, and 60 credits.
61-413 Feature Writing (2+2) 3 cr.
Writing and marketing articles for publication in newspapers and magazines with emphasis on developing an effective style of writing. Prerequisite: Completion of 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, 61-227.
61-424 Case Problems in Advertising (2+2) 3 cr.

This is a case-study approach to solving advertising problems. Students work as an agency team to develop an advertising plan for a national product or service. Assignments include creative advertisements, formal presentations and participation in the National Student Advertising Competition or other professional competitions. Prerequisites: 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, 61-250, 61-351 or 61-353 and consent of instructor.

61-425 Public Relations Practicum (2+2) 3 cr.

Learning experiences in the planning, production and evaluation of public relations materials and the administration and management of public relations functions. Uses an agency format to perform public relations project tasks for campus and community organizations. Prerequisites: 61-141, 61-211, 61-221, 61-224, 61-315.
61-427 Professional Journalism Internship 3 cr.
Professional experience in reporting, editing, photography, advertising, public relations or other areas of journalism acquired at newspapers, or other media organizations, industries, advertising or public relations agencies, or other organizations. Prerequisite: 61-141, Completion of course work appropriate to the internship and permission of internship coordinator. Pass/Fail
61-428 Advanced Reporting (2+2) 3 cr.
More difficult assignments in reporting, investigative reporting and column writing. Emphasis is on covering a particular beat. Articles may be published in community or student newspapers. Prerequisite: Completion of 61-141, 61-221, 61-224, 61-327.
61-431 Reporting of Public Affairs (2+2) 3 cr.
(Offered Irregularly)

Instruction and practice in covering university, city, county, local, state and federal agencies and courts. Local, state and national politics in relation to coverage by the media. Prerequisite: 61-141, 61-221, 61-327 and consent of instructor.
61-441 Interpretive Writing and In-Depth Reporting (2+2) 3 cr.
(Offered Irregularly)

Types of interpretive journalism, including editorials and editorial cartoons, columns, interpretive news stories and interpretive magazine articles. Prerequisite: 61-141, 61-221, 61-327 and consent of instructor.
61-446 Independent Study 1-3 cr.
See Independent Study under Course and Academic Advisement Policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements. Prerequisites: 60 credits, preparation in academic area, and 3.0 GPA or above.
61-453 Journalism Seminar (2+2) 3 cr.

Recent developments and/or problems in journalism; emphasis on individual student research. Prerequisite: 90 credits.

61-454 Selected Topics in Journalism 3 cr.

The intensive study of a topic to be determined by the department. Information about a Selected Topics course announced in the Timetable can be obtained at the Department of Journalism office. This course may be repeated with different content. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

61-455 Case Problems in Public Relations (2+2) 3 cr.

This is a case-study approach to solving a public-relations problem through research, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Students work as a team to develop a written plan and creatives. Prerequisites: 61-141, 61-211, 61-221, 61-224, 61-315 and consent of instructor.
61-456 Related Readings 1-3 cr.
See Related Readings under Course and Academic Advisement Policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements.
61-457 Media Organization and Management (3+0) 3 cr.
An overview of modern mass media management including perspectives on functions, organization, administration, policies, practices and career development. Interaction with media-related organizations such as advertising and public relations companies is also included. Prerequisite: 61-141, 60 credits.
61-472 Media Research ( 2+ 2) 3 cr.

A survey of current research methods in various mass communication fields, including advertising, news and public relations. The course draws heavily on research methods developed in the social sciences, particularly political science, psychology and sociology. Prerequisite: 61-141, 61-221, 61-224 or consent of instructor.

61-474 Honors: Thesis 3-6 cr.

Prerequisites: University scholar status and junior standing. Honors thesis projects include any advanced independent endeavor in the student's major field of study such as, a written thesis, scientific experiment or research project, or creative arts exhibit or production. Proposals (attached to Independent Study contract) must show clear promise of honors level work and be approved by a faculty sponsor. Course title for transcript will be "Honors Thesis." Completed projects will be announced and presented to interested students and faculty. Maximum of 6 credits.
61-493 Corporate Electronic Media 3 cr.
Writing and producing electronic media materials for corporations or institutions to use before internal and external audiences. Preparation of scripts and materials for training as well as information and persuasive media messages produced on videotape, multimedia presentations or slide shows. Setting up and managing a corporate media center. Prerequisite: 61-141, 96-234 or 61-221 and 61-224 or consent of instructor.

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