44-110 Introduction to Japanese I (HU) 4 cr.

Introduction to the Japanese language and way of thinking that underlies it. Four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing will provide an understanding of the Japanese and their unique way of communication. A variety of language experiences will be developed through extensive use of audio materials in the language laboratory.
44-111 Introduction to Japanese II (HU) 4 cr.
Continuation of the first semester elementary course in spoken and written Japanese. In this course, the spoken language will be emphasized, but attention will also be given to reading and writing. Students enrolled are expected to have an active knowledge of hiragana and katakana from the previous semester. Even though the main textbook in this course is written entirely in Romanization, hiraganation, katakana, and some kanji will be used in a class as means of writing Japanese. Prerequisite: 44-110
44-203 Intermediate Structure and Expression (HU) 3 cr.
Structure review, development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Will count toward the Bachelor of Arts language requirement. Prerequisite: 44-111.
44-204 Intermediate Reading (HU) 3 cr.
Emphasis on reading and discussion of selected works of authors and/or materials of current interest. Will count toward fulfillment of the Bachelor of Arts language requirement. Prerequisite: 44-203.
44-207 Intermediate Conversation I (HU) 2 cr.
Emphasis on developing listening and speaking skills in everyday situations. Prerequisite: 44-111.
44-208 Intermediate Conversation II (HU) 2 cr.
Content similar to 44-207. May be taken prior to 44-207. It is recommended that 44-208 be taken concurrently with 44-204. Prerequisite: 44-111.

44-360 Special Topics (in Japanese) 2-3 cr.

Course content to be designated by the instructor. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: 44-204 or consent of instructor.
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