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15-305 Reading Methods and Strategies 3 cr.

Analyses of trends in reading will be made. Study of basic skills in teaching reading, methods of identifying problems and evaluating progress, and methods of improving reading instruction in the classroom. Prerequisite: Admission I.
15-410/610 Assessing and Planning for Literacy Instruction 3 cr.
Techniques of assessing and correcting reading problems in the elementary and middle school. Emphasis on the use of tests, materials, and strategies employed in remedial reading. A supervised laboratory experience is arranged. Prerequisite: 15-305.
15-420/620 Literacy and Language Development in Young Children 3 cr. (Fall)
Prepares teachers of young children to understand the basic beginnings of the reading process and the importance of the relationship of language acquisition and development to reading. Prerequisites: A course in Developmental Reading, 12-310 or equivalent.
15-435/635 Secondary Reading Methods and Programs 3 cr.
Historical perspectives, basic instructional techniques, approaches to problems in one's own instructional area, roles in and designs for a total school program, what research and authorities suggest, and consideration of contemporary issues and concerns. Prerequisite: Admission I.

15-440/640 Reading and Language Arts in the Content Areas 3 cr.

A course designed to provide practical guidelines for those who are or will be elementary, middle school, or secondary content area teachers to assist them in using reading, writing, speaking, and listening as complementary learning processes for their content area. Students of this course bring their expertise of the subject to be taught (such as English, social studies, science, mathematics, music, art), and the course assists students in dealing with the language component of that content area. Students will be given experience in producing study, pattern, and concept guides, techniques for effectively presenting vocabulary, and for using reading, writing, speaking, and listening to facilitate learning in content areas. Prerequisite: Admission I.

15-453 Student Teaching in Reading 3 cr. (Fall)

Supervised observation, participation, and responsible teaching experiences in reading. Prerequisite: should be taken after completing regular student teaching or in conjunction with it.
15-462 Managing a School Reading Program 3 cr. (Spring)
The organization and management of effective reading in classrooms and schools. Procedures for planning, facilitating, and maintaining a reading program. Prerequisites: 15-305, 15-435.
15-470 Current Topics in Reading 1-3 cr.
Specific concerns related to the teaching of reading are considered. Each offering emphasizes a theme which focuses on current topics in reading, related research, and practice. The course may be retaken provided the subject of the course is not repeated. Prerequisite: 6 credits in reading.

15-496 Independent Study 1-3 cr.

An individual conducting an independent study in reading pursues an area or topic related to reading not provided by course requirements or offerings. Prerequisite: the outline of the student's proposal must be approved prior to registration.
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