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12-235 Child and Adolescent Development 3 cr.

Principles, theories, and methods of study of childhood and adolescence from prenatal development through graduation from high school. Physical, motor, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development are studied. Applications of knowledge to working with, nurturing, and helping children and adolescents learn in educational settings are emphasized. Prerequisite: 2.75 GPA required.
12-310 Measurement and Evaluation in Education 2 cr.
Role of measurement and evaluation in educational decision making. Characteristics of acceptable measurement and evaluation procedures. Principles underlying utilization of commonly used standardized tests. Elementary statistical techniques used in the interpretation of test results. Constructing and using teacher-made tests. Methods of reporting student progress. Prerequisite: Admission I, 12-280 or equivalent.
12-343/543 The Adult Learner 3 cr.
The biological, psychological, and social characteristics of the adult learner, including middle aged persons as well as those in later life. The intellectual abilities adults possess will be examined with specific references to educational processes. Prerequisites: 12-235, 12-377 or equivalent.
12-350/550 Adolescent Psychology 3 cr.
A study of pre-adolescence and adolescence as a psycho-socio-cultural phenomenon. Emphasis will be placed upon the basic conflicts and adjustment patterns of adolescents. Contemporary interests and problems of pre-adolescents and adolescents in school situations will be stressed. Prerequisite: Advanced standing including Psychology 86-201.
12-377 Human Growth and Development 3 cr.
Study of theory and problems in the various areas of human development as interrelated phenomena. Psychological, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development from infancy to maturity. Environmental factors will be emphasized. Prerequisite: 86-201.

12-380 Educational Psychology 3 cr.

The psychological study of the principles, theories and recent research findings of teaching that affect classroom procedures. Included in the field of educational psychology are: theories and conditions of learning; theory and practice of motivation of students; classroom management, individual differences, basic assessment, and standardized testing. Emphasis in the broad concept of student diversity will be interwoven throughout the course. This course will build upon the fundamental understanding of cognitive, social/emotional, and moral development from the Child and Adolescent Development Course (12-235). Prerequisites: Child and Adolescent Development (12-235) or its equivalent: Admission I for Education Majors.
12-389/589 Education of Gifted and Talented Students 3 cr.
Issues in identifying, motivating, and providing for the learning of gifted and talented children and youth. Attention is given to creative processes taught on individual and group bases.

12-407/607 Education and Diverse Populations 3 cr.

This course deals with the educational needs of members of diverse populations (African-Americans, American Indians, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, disabled individuals, lower socio-economic and/or female persons) and related concerns they may face in the traditional educational settings.
12-412 Teaching as a Profession: Legal and Ethical Aspects 3 cr.
This course will introduce aspiring teachers to various aspects of the profession, including what a profession is and how it may be differentiated from other occupations. The structure and various roles of school systems will be explored. Significant ethical and legal issues regarding teachers and students will be examined through case studies and analyses.
12-471/671 Learning Processes in Children 2-3 cr.
Reading and discussing a variety of new materials in the areas of early childhood learning and generating applications of research findings to working with children. Some areas discussed: learning in the newborn, learning to love and to fear, play, attitude conditioning, motivation for learning, self-concept development, Piaget, Montessori, cognitive growth, IQ change, approaches to teaching young children. Prerequisite: 12-235 or equivalent.
12-496 Independent Study 1-3 cr.
Supervised research or independent study in Educational Psychology. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and the department chairperson. The outline of the student's proposal must be approved prior to registration.
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