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Time to a Degree and Plans

Sample Plans to Complete the MPA Program

  • The MPA program can be completed in as few as 2 years; see sample plans to complete the program below!
  • To facilitate students with their scheduling of MPA courses, the PA department has created several tentative planning options following the fixed schedule. The plans consider potential student preferences for number of courses per semester and summer courses. 
  • The proposed plans suggest recommended sequence of courses: 1. Introduction to Public Administration should be one of the first courses to enroll. 2. Public Policy Analysis and/or Analytic Methods should be taken before students enroll in a Capstone, because these two courses develop essential analytic skills needed to accomplish successfully the culminating project. All other MPA courses do not require any specific sequence.
  • All new and current students should consult with the MPA Chair about creating a plan for program completion.

Plans for General Public Administration Emphasis

Plans for Health Agency Administration Emphasis

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