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Semester Schedules

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2017 Summer Semester 

2017 Fall Semester 

Early Registration in MPA Classes Encouraged

  • Because MPA courses have 20-student capacity each and fill very quickly, it is recommended that all current and prospective students register for classes earlier/as soon as course registration is open to reserve their seats. If you prefer that we enroll you in the classes or if you unable to enroll, please contact the Department Chair, Dr. Anna Filipova (; 920-424-0037).  
  • Registration for classes does not require an immediate payment. Students are charged for the classes by the first due date of the semester. These due dates can be found on the Student Financial Services website. Generally, the first due date for fall and spring terms is at the end of the second week of classes. During summer, payments are due the first day of the summer term.
  • We strongly encourage prospective students to enroll in MPA 711 Introduction to Public Administration, which is the first required course in the MPA program. Once you apply and pay the $56 application fee, your record is built, and the TitanWeb is created in a nightly batch, that is, it is available shortly after you apply. You can use the TitanWeb to log in and enroll in MPA 711. Enrollment in additional courses, while the application documents are being collected or reviewed, is also possible in consultation with the Department Chair, Dr. Anna Filipova (; 920-424-0037).  

2017 Spring Semester Graduate Schedules

2017 Spring Semester Undergraduate Schedule

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