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PA Minor Program

Transform your passion for public service into a rewarding career in national, state and local government, and other public and nonprofit organizations, with a Public Administration Minor. In combination with a major, the Public Administration Minor can lead to a baccalaureate degree.



  • The undergraduate Minor in Public Administration offered by the Department of Public Administration at the University of Wisconsin (UW) Oshkosh is designed for students who wish to acquire administrative skills and knowledge in preparation for careers in the public and nonprofit sectors.
  • The PA minor also provides students with a solid foundation to pursue a Master's degree in Public Administration and other graduate degrees.

PA Minor Program Goals

  • Students will demonstrate broad-based knowledge of theory, research, and practice in public administration, leadership, and policy directly applicable at professional levels in public and nonprofit organizations.
  • Students will demonstrate well-developed critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills in addressing contemporary problems or issues in the public interest.
  • Students will demonstrate strong, positive interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively with a diverse constituency both individually and in group settings.

PA Minor Students                 

                            In the PA Minor Classroom

PA Students

  • Diversity best describes our PA minor students' backgrounds. Students range in age from 18-22, for the most part, and are working on their undergraduate degrees. They live on or near campus.  
PA Students 2


Quality Faculty

                                Dr Ford
  • All courses are taught by faculty who possess strong academic credentials.
  • During their time at UW Oshkosh, students will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty, drawing on their special skills, practical experience, and areas of expertise.

Diverse Delivery Formats

  • The majority of PA Minor courses are conducted face-to-face during a 14-week session. Students meet twice a week for each course on campus.
  • Some courses (e.g., Introduction to Public Administration, Public Personnel, Administrative Leadership and Behavior, Administrative Law) may be offered in an online format through the UW Oshkosh Division of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement. The online format is especially flexible for working individuals.
  • Both face-to-face and online courses facilitate a discussion-based format, while giving students flexibility in terms of the time of day they participate in the discussion session.

Internship Opportunities

  • PA Minor students can pursue internships in public and nonprofit organizations, benefitting those organizations and their own career development. 
  • Read about recent summer internship experiences of a PA Minor student here.

PA Minor Program Requirements

PA Minor Admission & Registration

ICMA Student Chapter

  • The ICMA Student Chapter welcomes all undergraduate public administration students who are interested in public service. Please visit our website for more information.

PA Minor Adviser

For more information, please contact:

Michael Ford
Michael R. Ford, Ph.D.
Clow Faculty 415
(920) 424-1580
Fax: (920) 424-2319
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