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FAQ: MPA Program


How long will it take for me to complete the MPA program?

  • The Department of Public Administration offers all its MPA courses on a Fixed Course Schedule, which allows students to complete the MPA requirements anytime between two and seven years, depending on the student's individual preferences of the number of courses taken per semester (See Sample Plans).

Can I create my own plan based on the fixed course schedule?

  • Certainly! Students have the flexibility to create their own plan, but in consultation with an MPA faculty or the department academic associate, Jenny Davies.

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

  • The PA Department accepts applications throughout the year; there are no deadlines.
  • Students may enroll at the beginning of the fall, spring or summer sessions.

Are there any pre-admission exams?

  • No! GRE and GMAT are not required for admission in the MPA program.
  • Those test scores are not always the best predictors of a student's ability to complete the MPA degree.

Are there special requirements for international students?

  • Yes! International students must demonstrate evidence of English proficiency (TOEFL), as well as meet other admission requirements (see here).

Does my undergraduate degree need to be in political science?

  • No! In fact, MPA students possess a wide variety of undegraduate majors, including public administration, business administration, economics, environmental affairs, foreign languages, biological sciences, sociology, religion, history, math, psychology, geography, etc.

Do you have a policy on acceptance of credits for courses taken in the past?

Yes, it is valid since 09/08/2005:

  • Credit for courses which have been taken within seven years of acceptance into the MPA program, and have been approved by the faculty, will be applied to the student's record.
  • Courses taken more than seven years after acceptance into the MPA program, but no more than ten years after acceptance, will be considered by the faculty only under exceptional circumstances.
  • Courses taken more than ten years after acceptance into the MPA program will not be considered for credit under any circumstances.

What is the department's transfer of courses policy?

  • For information about the transfer of credits department policy, please contact the PA Department Chair. 
  • Also, check the Graduate Studies' website about FAQ on pre-admission and other questions.

Can I take a single class to see if I like the program? How do I take just one class?

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