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FAQ: HCM Certificate

The questions apply for the HCM certificate curriculum as of Fall 2013 or later.

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How long does it take to complete the HCM certificate program?

  • The program can be completed quickly in one year or one can take up to four years.
  • Courses are offered in fall, spring, summer, and interim semesters.

When do I need to apply to the HCM certificate program?

  • Prospective students are accepted throughout the year and may enroll at the beginning of fall, spring or summer semesters.

When are Graduate HCM courses offered?

  • Courses in Category A are offered face-to-face (5 Saturdays per semester). MPA 729 is offered in fall semester; MPA 773 & MPA 762 are offered in spring semester.
  • All Category B courses are offered completely online. MPA 750 Strategic Planning may also be offered face-to-face (5 Saturdays per semester) or hybrid (2-3 Saturdays per semester) in fall semester.

Are HCM Certificate Credits Transferable toward a Graduate Degree?

  • Yes. All required course credits (Category A) are transferrable towards a Master of Public Administration or a Master of Business Administration with healthcare administration emphasis. 

How do the HCM Category B online courses work?

  • All courses are delivered entirely online and rely on asynchronous discussion and collaboration as the principle form of communication. Via a Web-based system (D2L), class members interact extensively with one another and the instructor. Students participate anytime day or night, when their schedules allow, while still meeting due dates for assignments. There are no required campus visits.

What is the tuition for the HCM Category B online classes?

  • Please see the Tuition and Fees for Graduate and MBA program. For further clarification, please contact the College of Nursing at (920) 424-3089 and the College of Business at (920) 424-3199.

Do I have to take the GRE?

  • Matriculation into the HCM certificate program does not require a GRE score from potential students.

Can I take a single class to see if I like the program? How do I take just one class?

  • Yes, you may elect to take a single class to see if it meets your expectations by applying to the program as a credit non-degree special student. See the Non-Degree Seeking Students information.

Can I transfer academic credits from another institution?

  • We do not accept transfer credit from another institution into the HCM Certificate program.

I have been admitted in the HCM certificate program prior to Fall 2013. Can I take some Category B online courses from the revised HCM curriculum, which starts in Fall 2013?

  • Yes, with adviser's permission.
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