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Core Values



We believe that our public administration program will:

  • Include students and faculty from diverse social, ethnic, religious, cultural, and professional backgrounds.
  • Provide an environment for sharing and learning from each other’s diverse experiences and perspectives.


We believe that the PA faculty:

  • Continuously evaluate and translate societal trends that impact the PA profession.
  • Assess, create and advance the knowledge and skills that meet the needs of the PA profession.


We believe that faculty contribute by doing one or more of the following:

  • Involvement in professional associations.
  • Facilitation of student led research in the community.
  • Inter-university and intra-university collaborations.
  • Participation in faculty governance.
  • Volunteer in community organizations.

Teaching Excellence

We believe that faculty:

  • Provide relevant and practical content.
  • Utilize effective teaching methodology and technology.
  • Set high academic standards.
  • Conduct research to enrich content.
  • Collectively provide a comprehensive curriculum.

Faculty Satisfaction

We believe that all faculty will:

  • Share work-related values.
  • Have the opportunity to advance knowledge in the field.
  • Have the opportunity for continuous learning.
  • Create a culture of openness and mutual respect.
  • Fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Have autonomy in teaching.
  • Have freedom to pursue their academic research agendas.
  • Receive encouragement from peers to use their potential.
  • Receive support for engagement in professional associations.
  • Have the opportunity for engagement with students.
  • Receive support from peers and staff.


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