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Manny P. Vasquez

Manny Vasquez

Director of Existing Industry Services

Fox Cities Regional Partnership

"The MPA Program at UW Oshkosh helped me to better

 understand the big picture – all the players and scenarios

 involved in leading a public organization.  While the focus

 of the program is to prepare public sector leaders, several

 of the courses offered – including Organization Theory;

 H.R. Management; and Leadership & Ethics – also

 provided me with the practical knowledge that could be

 applied to non-profit and even private sector

 management.  If you are looking for a flexible MPA

 program; instructors and classmates with years of work

 experience outside the classroom; and valuable tools that

 will help you grow personally and professionally, this is

 the program for you." 

Nana Adjoa Coleman

Nana Coleman

             "I am an international student from the Republic of Ghana. After finishing my bachelor's degree in 

accounting from the University of Wisconsin (UW) Oshkosh in 2012, I decided to pursue the Master of 

Administration (MPA) program. I wanted to learn more about the public sector and health care industry in 

the United States. At the time, I also hoped that the MPA program will prepare me for pursuing a law 

degree in business and commercial law in the future. What I got from the program was far more than 

what I'd envisioned. Through the teaching of engaging professors, highly intellectual readings, and 

comprehensive class discussions and research projects with diverse and well-rounded classmates, I 

broadened my knowledge and skills in the field of public and health care administration. The program's 

flexible weekend class options gave me plenty of time to prepare for classes; it also fit perfectly with my 

university part-time employment schedule. I was taking three to four classes per semester; this allowed 

me to graduate from the MPA program in a year and a half (Fall 2012-Fall 2013). In addition to the MPA 

degree, in the fall of 2014, I also started the Graduate Healthcare Management Certificate (HCM) 

program offered by the Public Administration Department. It exposed me to additional 

management aspects related to the health care industry. As part of the HCM Certificate, I took a mix of 

MPA and MBA classes, which were either offered online or face-to-face on five Saturdays by diverse 

faculty members. I am completing the HCM Certificate this spring of 2015.

                 Although there are many benefits that I have gained from completing the MPA degree, the most 

important one is that the degree made me more marketable to a greater range of career options. I was 

invited to job interviews at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst and Young, in their Chicago office 

locations, soon after starting the HCM Program in 2014. Both companies are part of the Big Four 

accounting firms in the global business world. When applying for an external audit position at those 

companies, I felt confident, but at the same time uncertain, whether my MPA degree would meet the 

qualifications for this position. However, the interviewers were quite impressed with my management 

background and abilities to critically analyze information. They could not agree more that I had the right 

knowledge and skills to deal effectively with diverse clients and industries. I now have an external audit 

position at Ernst and Young in the Chicago office, starting October 1, 2015. I will strongly recommend to 

all, and especially to international students, to pursue the MPA degree at UW Oshkosh."

Jen Kaiser

Julie Schmelzer

Director of Administration, Curry County, Oregon

Gold Beach, Oregon

"UW Oshkosh’s MPA program was very manageable for me—I worked full time and was still able to complete the

program in about three years.  By earning my degree, I was able to advance from being a county department

director, to a role in county administration.  The program doesn’t just teach traditional academics, but it stresses

social responsibility too in the form of classes like Leadership, and Ethics.  Who knows where else this degree will

 take me?!" 

Corinne McFarlane

Corrine McFarlane

Area Administrator

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, Madison, Wisconsin

“My experience with UW Oshkosh's MPA program has been incredible. I've

 been working in the field of public administration for 17 years, and I thought

 I was doing a pretty good good job. Participating in the MPA program,

 however, has been eye-opening! It has dramatically broadened my

 perspective and challenged me to rethink my approach to leadership."   


Jerry Schuetz

  Jerry Schuetz     

Chief of Police (Cities of Manawa, Milton, WI 2004-2011* (*Interim Chief 11/10-5/14)
City Administrator (Milton):  2010-2014 
School District of Milton Communications Supervisor:  2014-present

"Attending UW Oshkosh's MPA program was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career.  The 

opportunity to meet and network with other area public administrators while earning my MPA from UW Oshkosh 

has for ever shaped my appreciation for public service, which has now spanned policing, municipal and school 

district administrative roles.  

The instructors, students and staff are incredible, and the program exposes you to individuals working in a 

wide variety of careers.  That diversity provides for unique perspectives, that coupled with a high quality program 

of courses with exceptional professors makes the MPA program at UW Oshkosh an invaluable choices that 

continues to pay dividends to me personally as I advance my career.  
The opportunities I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy professionally are directly connected to the enjoyable, 

high quality education I received in UW Oshkosh's MPA program.   I would encourage anyone considering a 

career in public service to attend UW Oshkosh's MPA program, as the flexibility in class schedules for working 

professionals, coupled with high quality instruction and great networking opportunities provides students with 

an exceptional educational experience."  
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