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Graduate HCM Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management is a targeted non-degree seeking program that gives you the leadership edge to function effectively in the current healthcare organizations.


  • The Graduate Healthcare Management (HCM) Certificate offered by the Department of Public Administration at the University of Wisconsin (UW) Oshkosh is designed for individuals who wish to enhance their skills as healthcare managers, supervisors, or leaders to function effectively in today's complex healthcare environment.

HCM Certificate Program Goals

  • Students will demonstrate broad-based knowledge of theory, research, and practice in health care management, policy, and administrative law directly applicable at professional levels in public, non-profit, and private healthcare organizations and other health-related institutions.
  • Students will demonstrate well-developed critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills in addressing contemporary problems or issues in health care management, policy and administrative law.
  • Students will demonstrate strong, positive interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively with various health care stakeholders, including patients both individually and in group settings.

Certificate Program Values

  • Applied Healthcare Administration: Use theory and evidence to improve practice.
  • Academic Rigor: Provide coursework that adheres to nationally accepted standards and expectations.
  • Public Service and Community Engagement: Inspire students and faculty to serve the communities in which they live and work.
  • Democratic Principles: Develop an understanding of the constitutional foundations that guide public service.
  • Student-Centered and Inclusive Environment: Foster collaborative learning experiences that encourage innovation, flexibility, inclusive excellence, and student engagement.
  • Integrity: Instill a commitment to ethical behavior, accountability, honesty, and fairness in personal and professional activities.

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Who Pursues the HCM Certificate?

  • Healthcare professionals such as nurses, physicians, physician assistants, therapists, laboratory technicians, social workers new to management or supervisory roles.
  • Non-clinical professionals such as administrative staff in healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, physicians' offices, public health departments, HMOs, home healthcare institutions, and ambulatory healthcare institutions, who want to enhance current management or supervisory skills.
  • Non-healthcare professionals such as administrative staff in other fields, including insurance companies, government, human service agencies, pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, who need skills to interact better with health providers, or to transition into the healthcare industry.
  • Students currently completing a master's program in nursing, medicine, therapy, pharmacy, public administration or business administration.

HCM Certificate Key Features

  • Career-oriented curriculum and innovative pedagogies that build critical healthcare management competences and skills.
  • Increased choice of elective healthcare management courses that addresses professionals' diverse needs.
  • Online, hybrid or weekend courses, offered during fall, spring, summer, and interim semesters, that allow for fast-track certificate completion (one to four years).
  • Transferable credits that create opportunities for graduate degrees (e.g., MPA, MBA).
  • Small class sizes that emphasize personalization of students' learning experiences and networking.      Students

HCM Certificate Program Requirements

The Graduate HCM Certificate is composed of two parts for a total of 15-credit hours:

  • Category A: Required Courses (9 credits) 
  • Category B: Elective Courses (6 credits) 

For complete curriculum requirements, please see:

Graduate HCM Certificate Curriculum


  • The UW Oshkosh Department of Public Administration, College of Business, and College of Nursing partner in the delivery of the Graduate HCM Certificate. Full-time faculty with strong academic achievements and experiences in the healthcare field deliver informative and practical coursework.


Admission Requirements

HCM Certificate Adviser

For more information, please contact:

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Anna A. Filipova, Ph.D.
Clow Faculty 420
(920) 424-0037
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