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The UWO Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grant Program

Background and Purpose

  • Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Program grants are designed to support research projects carried out by students. Projects must provide students with a meaningful research experience, using the advice and technical expertise of the instructor as a guide.

Award Information

The program consists of Summer and Academic Year research grants.

  • The Summer Research Grant provides a $3,000 stipend to the student and up to $500 for supplies and expenses for full-time research (40 hours/week) during the eight-week summer term.
  • The Academic Year Research Grant provides a $3,000 stipend to the student and up to $500 for supplies and expenses for research beginning no later than September 15 and ending no earlier than the following May 15.

Additional Information

  • For eligibility requirements, please visit the UW Oshkosh Graduate Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Site.
  • This research opportunity is especially beneficial for students who plan to do their MPA thesis or field project in the following Spring semester after applying for this grant in February.
  • Students need to invite an MPA faculty who has an expertise in the specific research area.
  • An MPA faculty cannot apply for more than one project per academic year. If more than two students submit a proposal to the same faculty, the faculty needs to select one of the proposals based on its merits and application required features.
  • In submitting the grant proposal to the UWO Office of Grants and Faculty Development, the MPA faculty must testify that the entire grant proposal preparation was done by the student under his or her supervision.
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