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Located in the northeast of Brazil, Salvador with a diverse population of 2 million, is the capital of the state of Bahia.

The home of many of Brazil's artists, poets, and authors, Salvador is sometimes called the heart of Brazilian culture. The Pelourinho District of Salvador has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Salvador offers a contrast between this preserved historical district and a contemporary city with typical high rise buildings and shopping malls. Salvador provides a multi-racial population, allowing for cross-cultural studies within the country as well as comparisons between the US and Brazil.


Courses and Facilities

The Cultural Association of Brazil and the United States Associacao Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos is a binational English language institute in Salvador. University of Oshkosh Wisconsin students enjoyed the superb facilities provided by ACBEU.

American and Brazilian students attended a three hour morning class at ACBEU, Vitoria District. The 12 Brazillian students attending the class were English-speaking psychology majors from several public and private institutions in Salvador.


Past Research Projects

Brazilian and American students made joint presentations of research outcomes in Portuguese and English for host families, ACBEU staff, and friends in Salvador. Outcomes were also presented at the UW Oshkosh Celebration of Scholarship Day, and at the Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Conference in Chicago, Ill.


Research Abstracts

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2015 Spring Colloquium Series

Feb 13th 2015

Shelby Kelso

Academic Entitlement in Traditional and Non-Traditional College Students

Steven Steinert

Psychopathy and Helping Behavior

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