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Graduate Students

The majority of students seeking masters degrees in psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive and Affective Sciences at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh were psychology majors as undergraduates. However, several students earned bachelors degrees in non-psychology fields. Our students are active in research with a variety of faculty and some of these projects are supported by graduate assistantships. The two most common reasons students attend this program are:

  1. To get some graduate school experience before entering into a Ph.D. program;
  2. To enhance their options in the workplace by earning an advanced degree.

The students benefit from the full-time nature of the program in that this increases opportunities for interactions with a greater number of faculty.

Graduate Students' (2016)

Name, Office, & EmailResearch Interests

James Barnes

Barnes J.

Office: CLOW F011

I am mainly interested in social psychology and neuroscience. Specifically, I would like to measure physiological responses (i.e., heart rate variability and skin conductance) that occur within individuals who are engaging in stigmatizing and discriminatory behavior.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Jim Koch

Kyra Bowe

Bowe K.

Office: CLOW F003

My research interests fall within the field of cognitive neuroscience. In the past, I have studied the relationship between primed categorization and the P300 ERP component using EEG. Additionally, I have conducted research concerning false memories.  I am currently interested in studying the storage and manipulation of information within working memory.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Aaron Karst

Alexa Ebert

Ebert A.

Office: CLOW F008

My research interests focus mostly on improving care and support for older adults, with a particular emphasis on care-partners and persons with dementia. I am also interested in the clinical applications of mindfulness.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Phan Hong

Edrose Heiny

Heiny E.

Office: CLOW F013

My research interests are within the field of social cognitive neuroscience. I want to explore the interconnected relationships between perspective taking, working memory, and decision making, through neuroimaging techniques.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Aaron Karst

Trevor Henne

Henne T.

Office: CLOW F013

My name is Trevor Henne and I am a second year student in the Cognitive and Affective Psychology Masters program. My research interests include the misinformation effect, “lawyerese” (which are the types of confusing questions that lawyers ask) and how those two impact the accuracy of eyewitness testimony. I have also been working with the College of Nursing to explore how more collaboration between PhD and DNP prepared faculty can be utilized for better student success.

Thesis advisor: Dr. Quin Chrobak

Sandra Michels

Michels S.

Office: CLOW F011

My research interests fall in the areas of emotional, creative and attentional processing, as well as problem solving.  I am also interested in how neural connectivity is involved in these and other cognitive processes.  More specifically, I am interested in the different components of empathy and how they relate to psychopathy and the other Cluster B personality disorders, as well as, if individuals with psychopathic traits utilize different types of strategies, while solving the same problems as individuals that do not have psychopathic traits do.

Thesis advisor: Dr. Jim Koch

Elle Moore

Moore E.

Office: CLOW F008

My research interests are broadly related to social justice, gender and sexuality studies, and romantic relationships. Specifically, I am interested in these topics as they pertain to counseling, clinical and health psychology. My thesis utilizes the Rejection-Identification Model as a framework for predicting women’s responses to the injustice of the current gender economic inequality in the United States when told men require differing amounts of evidence of this inequality.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Anca Miron

Megan Patterson

Patterson M.

Office: CLOW F003

I am interested in relationships, both romantic and interpersonal, as well as gender differences in communication behaviors (verbal and non-verbal). My thesis pertains to predicting relationship outcomes, such as relationship satisfaction and partner attraction through the examination of five types of sensory modalities (touch, sight, hearing, bodily sensations and substitute channels) along with preference and use of each modality for the self and the partner.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Anca Miron


Graduate Students' (2017)

Name, Office, & EmailResearch Interests

Sean Conway

Conway S.

Office: CLOW F006

My research interests all lie in cognitive neuroscience. I am interested in studying the neural processes underlying cognition, with particular interests in psycholinguistics and behavioral economics.

Jordyn DeBraal

DeBraal J.

Office: CLOW F011

My research interest concentrates on topics related to Industrial Organizational Psychology.  Specifically, optimizing quality of work life by placing importance on individual personality and functionality.  In addition, I am interested in the potential to improve productivity, satisfaction, and well being for employees and organizations by exploring human behavior in the workplace.

Margaret McMullin

McMullin M.

Office: CLOW F013

My research interests are related to the field of cognitive neuroscience. More specifically, I am interested in auditory perception, visual perception, and plasticity. My research experience has included the use of EEG to determine the neural correlates of actual and illusory music perception, a project on auditory and visual gist perception, and designing a pilot study to identify the features of auditory scenes that aid in rapid scene recognition. In the future, I would like to research neuropsychological disorders, expand my research on visual, auditory, and music perception, as well as plasticity of the sensory systems.

Kevin Mohawk

Mohawk K.

Office: CLOW F006

My primary research interests are focused on cognitive neuroscience. I am interested in the neural mechanisms involved in memory, particularly memory deficits (such as Alzheimer’s) and rare memory occurrences (such as eidetic memory).

Samantha Noll

Noll S.

Office: CLOW F003

My research interests are a blend of cognitive and developmental psychology. I am specifically interested in cognitive development of children and young adults. Further, I would like to study how technology has affected the development of cognitive milestones.

Rebecca Timmins

Timmins R.

Office: CLOW F008

I am interested in the intellectual pursuit of obtaining unknown knowledge in relation to autism spectrum, mirror neurons, mindfulness, neuroimaging techniques, emotional regulation and natural alternatives for anxiety/depression reduction within the autistic population.

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