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Graduate Students

The majority of students seeking masters degrees in psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive and Affective Sciences at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh were psychology majors as undergraduates. However, several students earned bachelors degrees in non-psychology fields. Our students are active in research with a variety of faculty and some of these projects are supported by graduate assistantships. The two most common reasons students attend this program are:

  1. To get some graduate school experience before entering into a Ph.D. program;
  2. To enhance their options in the workplace by earning an advanced degree.

The students benefit from the full-time nature of the program in that this increases opportunities for interactions with a greater number of faculty.

Graduate Students' (2015)

Name, Office, & EmailResearch interests

Aaron Bagley

Bagley, A.

Office: CLOW F011

I have broad interests within the field of Psychology. Currently studying motivation and optimal performance.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Anca Miron

Katheryn Bermann

Bermann, K.

Office: CLOW F003


My research interests mainly revolve around the subject of social acceptance. Specifically, I am interested in finding correlations between the presence of various factors and how likely social acceptance is to occur. Hopefully I will be able to use these data in order to predict the circumstances under which social acceptance is likely to occur, and also be able to pinpoint the reasons behind social exclusion. Additionally, I am interested in the black sheep effect, conformity, and materialism, as well as other topics in social psychology.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. David Lishner

Kari Kovacs

Kovacs, K.

Office: CLOW F013

In general my interests lie in the intersection between corrections and mental health, and more specifically in the varying degrees to which others’ reactions to and perceptions of the correction population affect the persistence of deviant behavior and criminal reoffending patterns. In addition, I am interested in the transitory process for individuals integrating back into the community, developmental issues unique to institutionalized individuals, and psychometrics.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. David Lishner

Danica Kulibert

Kulibert, D.

Office: CLOW F006


My research interests focuse on perspective-taking and the role of perspective-taking on different types on social interactions. In past research, I have applied perspective-taking to romantic relationships and assessed how taking the perspective of one’s partner influences different aspects of one’s relationship. For my thesis, I am interested in the effects both perspective-taking and threat have on in-group and out-group relationships. Specifically, I am focusing on the gender wage gap and how threat and perspective-taking influence men’s prospections of the gender wage gap. I am also a quantitative consultant for the Fox Valley Memory Project, the Homeless Connections of Appleton, The Warming Shelter of Appleton, Casa Clare of Appleton, Mooring House of Appleton, Harbor House of Appleton, and Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Anca Miron

Sarah Londo

Londo, S.

Office: CLOW F006

I am interested in using implicit methods to further the understanding of relationship and intimacy topics. My thesis work will assess the existence of a sexual double standard by using the Implicit Association Task.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Ashley Thompson

Amy Schlueter

Schlueter, A.

Office: CLOW F013

My research interests center around treatment and program efficacy for individuals with mental illness. I would like to work in an applied setting promoting evidence-based treatments and programs, as well as assessing the impact of implementation of such programs in a specific setting (mental hospital, government assistance program, etc.). My thesis will compare the helping behaviors of participants who empathize with an individual with dementia as compared to participants who pity an individual with dementia.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Anca Miron

Demi Schwingle

Schwingle, D.

Office: CLOW F006

My research interests pertain to Industrial Organizational Psychology. Specifically, I am interested in the ways to increase productivity and enhance work ethic of employees. Also, how personalities are linked with job performance and the factors that ensure an employee will be a valuable asset to a company.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Erin Winterrowd

Caileigh Zimmerman

Zimmerman, C.

Office: CLOW F008

My research interests are focused on the interpersonal aspects of emotion (how emotions are communicated, perceived, and experienced in social interactions). I’m also interested in emotion regulation, particularly the way individuals regulate their emotions in social settings. While approaching research in psychology I integrate ideas from cultural and evolutionary psychology and anthropology. My thesis examines the relationship between narcissism and affective empathy, and how that relationship is affected by a perspective taking manipulation.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Lishner

Graduate Students' (2016)

Name, Office, & EmailResearch interests

James Barnes

Barnes J.

Office: CLOW F011

I want to explore a variety of interests, in psychology, from a physiological perspective. I am particularly interested in examining the impact that social media has on the human brain.

Tiffany Becker

Becker T.

Office: CLOW F008

I have two main research areas. My most active is political engagement with a specific focus on social norms, attitudes, and perceived behavioral control. My secondary research area is intergroup conflict and what arouses positive emotions towards different minority groups.

Kyra Bowe

Bowe K.

Office: CLOW F003

My research interests fall within the field of cognitive neuroscience. In the past, I have studied the relationship between primed categorization and the P300 ERP component using EEG. Additionally, I have conducted research concerning false memories.

Alexa Ebert

Ebert A.

Office: CLOW F008

My research interests pertain to mindfulness-based interventions, improving care and support for persons with dementia and their care-partners, stigma and help-seeking behaviors, invalidation, and emotion-regulation.

Carissa Harvey

Harvey C.

Office: CLOW F011

I am interested in topics related to forensic psychology. Specifically, I am interested in the topic of sex offending such as factors that influence recidivism, etiology, risk assessment and internet-based sexual offenses. Additionally, I am interested in emotion and behavior dysregulation experienced by victims of childhood abuse.

Edrose Heiny

Heiny E.

Office: CLOW F013

My research interests are within the field of social cognitive neuroscience. I want to explore the interconnected relationships between perspective taking, working memory, and decision making, through neuroimaging techniques.

Trevor Henne

Henne T.

Office: CLOW F013

I am broadly interested in the field of forensic psychology. More specifically, I hope to study the dynamics between the prosecution, defense, and members of the jury. Further, I would like to study the behavioral analysis of common behaviors of criminals.

Sandra Michels

Michels S.

Office: CLOW F011

My research interests fall in the areas of emotional, creative and attentional processing, as well as problem solving.  I am also interested in how neural connectivity is involved in these and other cognitive processes.  More specifically, I am interested in the different components of empathy and how they relate to psychopathy and the other Cluster B personality disorders, as well as, if individuals with psychopathic traits utilize different types of strategies, while solving the same problems as individuals that do not have psychopathic traits do.

Elle Moore

Moore E.

Office: CLOW F008

Broadly, my research interests pertain to the fields of Clinical and Counseling Psychology. More specifically, I am interested in identifying factors that increase treatment success in the college student population, stigma related to mental health, and emotion-regulation.

Megan Patterson

Patterson M.

Office: CLOW F003

I am interested in researching topics of prejudice and discrimination in different social and group contexts particularly relating to how people make judgments and how we motivate one another.

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