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Graduate Students

The majority of students seeking masters degrees in psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive and Affective Science at University of Oshkosh Wisconsin were psychology majors as undergraduates.

However, several students earned bachelors degrees in non-psychology fields. Our students are active in research with a variety of faculty and some of these projects are supported by graduate assistantships. The two most common reasons students attend this program are:

  1. To get some graduate school experience before entering into a Ph.D. program
  2. To enhance their options in the workplace by earning an advanced degree.

The students benefit from the full-time nature of the program in that this increases opportunities for interactions with a greater number of faculty.


Graduate Students’ (2012)

NameOffice & emailResearch Interests

Seneca Bivens

Haley, S.

Office: CF 5

I am working with Dr. Chrobak on my thesis and am currently involved with his lab.  Both his lab and my thesis are looking at personally relevant materials.  The lab deals with false memory and my thesis deals with the continued influence effect.  I am very interested in cognitive psychology in particular why misinformation sticks or why is it formed in the way of false memories.

Ali Koll

Koll, A.

Office: CF 4

I work with Dr. Koch. My primary research interest is with eating related behaviors. More specifically, I am interested in the motivational factors underlying binge eating disorder.

Heath May

May, H.

Office: CF 7

I am interested broadly in psychopharmacology, drug misuse/abuse, and stress-related mood disorders.  Specifically, I am interested in the endocannabinoid system and its role in the neurochemistry of anxiety and stress.  I am planning to work on my thesis with Dr. Koch when he returns from sabbatical.

Nancy Olson

Olson, P.

Office: CF 6

I work primarily with Dr. Hong and Dr. Miron. Broadly, my research work involves invalidation of trauma and personal experiences, the processing of invalidation in a religious manner, and the influence of justice standards that associate with one's beliefs. Generally my interests focus on how individuals previous experiences effect the choices they make.

Alisha Petrouske

Petrouske, A.

Office: CF 2

My research interests are mainly in the field of clinical/counseling psychology. More specifically I am interested in the factors that contribute to variability in psychological health outcomes as well as the mechanisms underlying emotion. Currently, I am working with Dr. Miron investigating aspects of resolved and unresolved sadness and Dr. Winterrowd investigating the impact of counseling centers.

Kayla Schuster

Schuster, K.

Office: CF 3

I work with Dr. Miron.  My research interest primarily focuses on emotion, specifically anger.  I am studying how cognitive appraisal may lead to unresolved or resolved anger.  In addition, I'm interested in what characteristics of anger pose as assistants to suppression and distraction of thoughts.  I also have an interest in regards to emotion, within the delinquent youth population.


Graduate Students' (2013)

NameOffice & emailResearch interests

Sarah Adelson

Adelson, S.

Office: CF 6

My research interests focus on relationships, primarily among adolescents and young adults, and the cognitive and social processes that mediate interactions within these relationships. A secondary interest is how gender can influence an individual’s experiences in a social context.

Jarrod Bock

Bock, J.

Office: CF 7

My research interests involve the non-conscious processing of prejudice, the role fear may play in the maintenance of such implicit prejudice, and evolved mechanisms of prejudice.

Mandy Burmeister

Burmeister, M.

Office: CF 5

I am interested in research involving empathy-related processes, more specifically, investigating emotional and motivational aspects surrounding human altruism.

Anthony Drew

Drew, A.

Office: CF 5

My research interests involve sensation and perception; how our brain is able to create a smooth perceptual experience from a barrage of sensory information. I am most interested in perceptual phenomena such as the cross-race bias and the neurological mechanisms at work that create these phenomena.

Nathan Hermus

Hermus, N.

Office: CF 2

My research interests broadly center on emotion and music cognition. Specifically, I am interested in the perception of emotion in music and the possibility of music-induced emotions. I am also interested in the parallels between music and emotional speech with regard to pitch contour, tempo, and timbre.

Sharayah Preman

Preman, S.

Office: CF 4

My research interests include how mental health affects decision making and memory processing. I am specifically interested in how disorders like depression can affect one's decision making. I am also interested how memory works in circumstances such as where one can easily remember facts about celebrities or movies, but cannot remember information for an exam. I have previously done research on perceived weight discrimination.

Emily Vogels

Vogels, E.

Office: CF 3

My main research interests are interpersonal relationships and intelligence. I am especially interested in how these concepts relate to social influence, self-expression, impression formation, and social cognition.

Caitlin Weihing

Weihing, C.

Office: CF 7

Broadly, I am interested in the development of false memories. More specifically, my interests consist of understanding the different processes of human reasoning used in fabricating and unveiling false memories.

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