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Colloquium Series

The 2018 Fall Semester colloquium schedule will be announced this coming September.

The purpose of the Psychology Colloquium Series is to promote discourse and research at University of Oshkosh Wisconsin on various affective and cognitive approaches to the study of human nature. The series is open to all members of UW Oshkosh and to all interested visitors. The colloquium schedule for the 2018 Fall Semester will be announced this coming September.

Completed 2018 Spring Semester Colloquiums

Date PresenterPresentation Title

Mar. 30th

Samantha Noll

The Effect of Language on Perception of Ingroups and Outgroups

Mar. 30th

Kevin Mohawk

Individual Differences and Processing Bias Influence on the Creation of False Memories

Mar. 30th

Rebecca Timmins

Gender Differences in Mu Wave Suppression

Apr. 20th

Sean Conway

Prospect Theory and Loss Aversion

Apr. 20th

Margaret McMullin

A Comparison of Auditory and Visual Gist Perception

Apr. 20th

Jordyn DeBraal

Development of a Caregiver Mindset Scale

For additional information, contact Dr. Quin Chrobak, department of psychology,, or (920) 424-2307. Check this site regularly for updates on presentations.

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2018 Fall Colloquium Series

The schedule for the 2018 Fall Semester Colloquium series will be announced this coming September

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