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Colloquium Series

The Cognitive and Affective Science Program of the department of psychology is pleased to announce the Psychology Colloquium Series.

The purpose of the Psychology Colloquium Series is to promote discourse and research at University of Oshkosh Wisconsin on various affective and cognitive approaches to the study of human nature. The series is open to all members of UW Oshkosh and to all interested visitors. All colloquiums will be held from 1:00 to 2:30pm in Clow 240.

The list below reflects the 2017 spring semester colloquium series schedule. The 2018 Fall semester schedule will be posted during the first week of the Fall semester.

2017 Spring Semester Research Colloquiums

Date PresenterPresentation Title

Feb. 10th

Elle Moore

The Effect of Perceived Outgroup Standards of Injustice on Women's Responses to Inequality

Feb. 10th

Tiffany Becker

The Strength of Positive and Negative Traits in Forming the Politician's Image on the Electoral Market

Feb. 24th

Carissa Harvey

The Semantics of Sexting: The Development and Validation of a Scale Measuring Definitions of Sexting

Feb. 24th

Trevor Henne

Ways to Improve Accuracy of Eyewitnesses when Asked Lawyerese Type Questions

Mar. 10th

James Barnes

In Group Stigmatization and the Black Sheep Effect

Mar. 10th

Kyra Bowe

Language, Music, and Memory: Differences Between Musicians and Non-Musicians

Mar. 17th

Alexa Ebert

The Effects of Mindfulness Practice and Dispositional Mindfulness on Affective Forecasting

Mar. 17th

Megan Patterson

The Interaction of Sensory Modality Preference and Use on Relationship Outcomes

Apr. 28th

Sandra Michels

Problem Solving Strategies of Individuals with Psychopathic Traits: Insight Versus Analytic Thinking

Apr. 28th

Edrose Heiny

Investigating Social Motivation Using Facial Stimuli in Individuals with ASD

For additional information, contact Dr. Phan Hong, department of psychology,, or (920) 424-2302. Check this site regularly for updates on presentations.

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2018 Fall Colloquium Series

The 2018 Fall semester colloquium series schedule will be posted at the beginning of the Fall semester

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