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Colloquium Series

The Cognitive and Affective Science Program of the department of psychology is pleased to announce the Psychology Colloquium Series.

The purpose of the Psychology Colloquium Series is to promote discourse and research at University of Oshkosh Wisconsin on various affective and cognitive approaches to the study of human nature. The series is open to all members of UW Oshkosh and to all interested visitors. All colloquiums will be held from 1:00 to 2:30pm in Clow 240.

2016 Spring Semester Research Colloquiums

Date PresenterPresentation Title

Oct. 14th

Demi Giles Schwingle

Stereotype Threat and its Effect on Women's Career Choices

Oct. 14th

Amy Schlueter

Promotion of Other-Oriented Helping Behavior Towards a Target with Dementia: Using Perspective Taking to Enhance Empathic Concern and Reduce Pity

Oct. 28th

Danica Kulibert

The Effects of Threat and Perspective-Taking on Estimated Out-Group Standards

Oct. 28th

Aaron Bagley

Predicting the Flow Experience

Nov. 11th

Katheryn Bermann

As cold as they seem? Value endorsement by individuals with varying degrees of psychopathy

Nov. 11th

Kari Kovacs

Everyday Deviance and Callous/Unemotional Affect

Dec. 9th

Sarah Londo

The Assessment of Men's and Women's Implicit Sexual Double Standards: An Application of Sexual Script Theory

Dec. 9th

Caileigh Zimmerman

Narcissism, Perspective Taking, and Empathy

For additional information, contact Dr. Phan Hong, department of psychology,, or (920) 424-2302. Check this site regularly for updates on presentations.

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2016 Fall Colloquium Series

Dec 9th from 1:00-2:30 in Clow 240

Sarah Londo - The assessment of men's and women's implicit sexual double standards: An application of sexual script theory

Caileigh Zimmerman - Narcissism, perspective taking, and empathy

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