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Awards Criteria

Awards presented at the University Honors and Awards Ceremony must meet one of the following criteria:

1) Awards that are given as a result of a university-wide competition which is not limited to students in a specific major or field

2) Awards sponsored by an outside source and administered by a University unit

3) Cash awards of $100 or more.

Awards that do not meet at least one of the criteria may be listed in the program; however, students receiving the awards will not be invited to participate in the ceremony.  If you have questions regarding the award criteria, please contact Lori Kroening, UW Oshkosh Foundation x2228.

Award Notification

Your unit is responsible for notifying the scholarship/ award recipient(s) that they have received an award.

The Honors & Awards Committee will send out the official invitation to the students, asking them to respond directly to the committee regarding their participation. Please do not send out a separate invitation to the student for the Honors & Awards Ceremony. This creates confusion.



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