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Faculty & Staff

Award Submission Instructions:

Award Submission:

Information regarding awards is due by Friday, March 8, 2013. 

Please use the online form to submit award information:

Award Notification:

Your unit is responsible for notifying the scholarship/ award recipient(s) that they have received an award.

The Honors & Awards Committee will send out the official invitation to the students, asking them to respond directly to the committee regarding their participation. Please do not send out a separate invitation to the student for the Honors & Awards Ceremony. This creates confusion.

Presenters & Stage Party:

Academic Attire:

Faculty members presenting awards, or those in the stage party,  are asked to wear academic regalia. Faculty and staff are welcomed to borrow attire from the Commencement closet at no charge.  Please complete the attire request by April 17th using our online form.  Gowns will be available on the day of the ceremony in A/C-N14.

Presenter & Stage Party Instructions:

  • All presenters/stage party members are to meet in A/C- N14 no later than 2:45 p.m.  Two tables will be set up inside the door, one for faculty presenters and one for donors. Please check in at the appropriate table. Presenters/stage party members will be lined up at 3:10pm and will proceed from backstage at 3:30pm.

  • Awards will be presented in the order listed in the program.  Provost Lane Earns will introduce the presenters for the "All-University"; each Dean will introduce the presenters for his/her respective college.  When you are introduced please join Chancellor Wells at the front of the stage to present the award to the recipient(s).

  • Presenters are not to comment on the awards; the Dean of your college will be reading the description of the award.

  • If you cannot present your award/s, please contact your college and make arrangements for someone else to present the award/s.  Please have the college contact the Chancellor's Office, 424-0344, with the name of the new presenters no later than Friday, April 19th.

  • If, at the last minute, the recipient of your award cannot attend the ceremony, we will notify you.

  • A reception will be held, immediately following the ceremony, in the lobby of the Music Hall. Award recipients and their families are invited to attend.

The committee would like to emphasize two important points:

  • You must have something tangible to give your student(s), e.g. a check, certificate, book or letter.

  • Your student(s) must be present at the Honors and Awards Ceremony for his/her name to be announced.  The student(s) have responded to our invitations to confirm their attendance.

Newsworthy Story:

The Newsworthy Story Form has been developed to collect pertinent information for Integrated Marketing & Communications. If you have a newsworthy story, please complete the form and submit it. All submissions are reviewed by News and Public Information, Integrated Marketing & Communications, (920)424-1398.

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