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College Learning for the New Global Century (PDF)

The main report from the American Association of Colleges and Universities which is defines the AAC&U's LEAP initiative (Liberal Education and America's Promise), describes the background causes, gives the definitions of the basic concepts behind this initiative and introduces the essential learning outcomes.

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Liberal Education Reform Team:

Team Captains Position Phone email
John Koker Dean College of Letters & Science 1058
Susan Nuerenberg Professor of English and Chancellor's Leadership Fellow 0424
Barbara Rau Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources 7197
Faculty Senate Position Phone email
Michael Rutz Assistant Professor of History 7178
Linda Eroh Associate Professor of Mathematics 7343
Susan Nuernberg Professor ofEnglish and Chancellor's Leadership Fellow 0424
Roberta Maguire Associate Professor of English 7286
Jim Koch Associate Professor/Chair of Psychology 2303
Charlie Gibson Professor/Chair of Chemistry 1400
Deans and Provost Position Phone email
Franca Barricelli Associate Professor/Chair of History 7159
Roy Hoglund Professor/Coordinator of Theatre 7043
Alice Kyburg Associate Professor of Philosophy 7310
Mike Eierman Professor/Team Leader of Management Information Systems 0183
Joshua Garrison Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations 0346
Suzanne Marnocha Associate Professor/Undergr. Program Director, College of Nursing 1028
Senate of Academic Staff Position Phone email
Lisa Danielson Registrar 3007
Lynn Freeman Director of Academic Advising 2457
Breck Speers Instructional Academic Staff, English 7284
Oshkosh Student Assn. Position Phone email
Thomas Wolf OSA Vice President

Brandon Strand Past OSA Vice President 920-923-1984
Abby Schultz President for University Speakers Series and an Odyssey Captain 1864
Academic Affairs Position Phone email
Nick Dvoracek Director of Media Services 7363
Administrative Services Position Phone email
Lori Worm Administrative Services 3033
Student Affairs Position Phone email
Rick Hilman Associate Director, Admissions 0310
Classified Staff Advisory Council Position Phone email
Diane Kromm Academic Department Associate, Chemistry 1400
Jane Kramer COLS Graduation Examiner, Registrar's Office 0372
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Liberal Education Resource Group

Colleges   Phone email
Merlaine Angwall COLS - Associate Professor of Theatre 7050
Todd Borgerding COLS - Associate Professor of Music 7028
Karen Bowen COLS -Academic Staff L&S Deans Office 0928
Catherine M. Bryan COLS - Associate Professor ofForeign Languages and Literatures 0910
Nancy Burnett COB - Associate Professor of Economics 1471
Kim Dedee COB - Associate Professor of Business 7199
Kathy Faggiani COLS - Assistant Professor of Comput r Science 2069
JIm Feldman COLS - Assistant Professor of History& Environmental Studies 3235
Ralph Gunderson COB - Professor of Economics and Team Leader 7151
Jonathan Gutow COLS - Associate Professor of Chemistry 1326
David Jones COLS - Professor of Public Affairs 2492
Karen King COLS - Associate Professor ofPublic Affairs 7306
Todd Kostman COLS - Assistant Professor of Biology and Microbiology 7301
Karl Lowenstein COLS - Assistant Professor of History 2462
Margaret Manzi COEHS - Professor, Reading 3190
Art Pontynen COLS - Professor of Art 7067
Christine Roth COLS - Assistant Professor of English 7287
Kathleen Lynch COLS Instructional Academic Staff, Computer Science 1085
Student Affairs   Phone email
Bryan Bain Academic Advising 3262
Marie Stapel Admissions 0864
Deadre Holmes Counseling Center 2061
Rebecca Spurlock Academic Advising 3141
Administrative Services   Phone email
LInda Freed Grants & Faculty Development 3215
Academic Affairs   Phone email
Joe Franklin Institutional Research 2195
Mike Watson Institutional Research 2184
Pat Wilkinson Polk Library 2147
Students   Phone email
Katharine Chase. Graduation Project Outreach Specialist, Adult Nontraditional Student Resource (ANSR) Office 4474
Harrison Fegley Student in Environlnental Studies and Geography 262-251-2350

LERT Charge Memo (Word) Ten-page memo of May 25, 2007 by Chancellor Wells and Provost Earns to members of the University-wide Liberal Education Reform Team detailing the Team Charge. The charge memo recommends adoption of a framework, including Guiding Principles and Learning Outcomes, similar to that put forward by the National Leadership council of LEAP in the College Learning for the New Global Century report. The charge memo also includes a summary of the Higher Learning Commission’s concerns regarding our General Education program.