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Subcommittee Resources

Subcommittee resources

Liberal Education Reform Team Presentation on Learning Outcomes (Powerpoint) Use this in planning meetings to make sure we're all delivering the same message.

Feedback form for department to respond about learning outcomes (Word)

LERT Timeline for 2008 (Word)

PDF with both the UW Oshkosh and the Original AAC&U versions of the learning outcomes. (PDF)

Visit reporting form for subcommittee members (Word) to complete after each visit with a campus group regarding proposed student learning outcomes.

Subcommittee contact list. (Word) Groups which subcommittees have contact to get feedback on the Learning outcomes.

Subcommittee Charge (Word) Memo of October 1, 2007 from LERT Co-Captains John Koker, Susan Nuernberg and Barbara Rau regarding formation of six LERT Subcommittees.

Subcommittee Assignments (Word) List of members of the six LERT Subcommittees.  

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