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Influenza Pandemics

There have been 31 documented influenza pandemics so far, since the first well-described pandemic of 1580, including three pandemics in the 20th century (1918, 1957 and 1968).

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 2005

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Pandemics happen globally, but must be managed at the state and local level. We have the opportunity to become the first generation to prepare for a pandemic. The state of Wisconsin has been provided $1,831,224 from the U.S. government to plan and prepare for an influenza pandemic. Is Oshkosh or Winnebago County receiving funds to prepare? What are the Boards of Health in Oshkosh and Winnebago County doing to prepare for an influenza pandemic?


Currently UW-Oshkosh students enrolled in BIO 315/515 (Virology) are working
on group assignments to develop pandemic flu plans specific to Winnebago
County/the Oshkosh, Wisconsin community. This web site serves as an outreach
portal for the project. The class instructor is Dr. Teri Shors.

Presentation used to introduce the project to the students.

newResults from the 2006 Bio 315/515 Class Assignment.

We need to plan for a pandemic