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A Journal of the the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Sunday October 26, 2008 Edition

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Campus Report


In Summer '08, we created and sponsored two faculty oriented Campus Conversations on pressing issues of our campus:  campus communication and retention/recruitment.  The sessions provided stipends to attending faculty and academic teaching staff and over 50 people participated in the summer conversations.  An extensive report was prepared and the Provost Leadership Team is using that information to guide their administrative planning this year.

In Summer '08 we began developing a Department Chairs Training Series for skill set and capacity building of our Chairs.  We expect to roll out the early version of that series bringing in Spring-Summer '09. 

This fall we continue our second year of a semester long New Faculty Orientation series.  We organized over 28 sessions for faculty and staff during our CETL Enhancement Day during Opening Week '08.  Over 147 people participated.  We offered 90 minute and intensive sessions on teaching and learning topics.  We are sending faculty to numerous conferences including AACU Science and Technology conference as well as the Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning conference in November.  We will offer one Soup, Sandwich and Book Club on Howard Gardner's book THE FIVE MINDS FOR THE FUTURE in Fall and one in Spring with Stephen Brookfield's book THE SKILLFUL TEACHER. 

We will be bringing in a guest educator in January on Integrated Course Re-Design.  The intention is to provide a learning community throughout Spring '09 for those instructors who will participate in the stipend oriented course re-design series.  Meanwhile, we continue to develop Noon Time Mini-Trainings on Teaching and Learning. 

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