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A Journal of the the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Sunday October 26, 2008 Edition

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By Bill Cerbin

Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning held each fall, see http://catl.typepad.com/:

  1. Fall 2007: Managing the Teaching Load

  2. Fall 2008: Achievement, Equity & Retention: Key Pedagogical Changes that Can Make a Difference in any College Classroom, day-long workshop by Craig Nelson.  

Teaching Portfolio Project. Instructors develop instructional material that can be used for their retention, tenure and promotion portfolios. Instructors meet in small groups and peer review one another's material, see http://catl.typepad.com/blog/teaching_portfolio_project/index.html.  

Lesson Study Project. Several campus teams are engaged in lesson study during the academic year, see www.uwlax.edu/sotl/lsp).  

Faculty Seminar on Teaching for Diversity. Professor Deb Hoskins conducts a faculty seminar on teaching for diversity. The seminar meets about 7 times each semester, see http://www.uwlax.edu/facultyseminar/index.html.  

New Faculty Orientation. Professor Betsy Morgan and Professor Kim Vogt coordinate a two-day orientation at the start of fall semester and Betsy follows up with a year-long series of New Faculty Email Bulletins for new faculty on a wide range of topics, see http://www.uwlax.edu/provost/pvchome/faculty_bulletins.htm.   

Writing Emphasis & Writing in the Major. Professor Bryan Kopp offers writing seminars and consultation during the year to help instructors become certified to teach writing emphasis courses, see http://www.uwlax.edu/we/

 Online Course Development. Professor Brian Udermann directs a new initiative in online education that supports instructors to develop online courses. UWL offers grants for instructors to develop online courses and plans to hire an instructional designer to support faculty, see Online Workshop, http://www.uwlax.edu/online/links.htm.  

Passport to Technology. A day-long series of activities and presentations related to technology and online teaching, see http://www.uwlax.edu/edtech/passport4/index.htm  

Colloquia on Teaching & Learning. The Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning sponsors faculty colloquia during the year. Recent topics include podcasting and results of the National Survey of Student Engagement, see www.uwlax.edu/catl.

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