The UW Collaborative Language Program (CLP) currently offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. A minimum of four semesters of each of these languages is offered. Some campuses offer five semesters of language with sufficient enrollment.

Curious to learn more about the languages we offer and why they may be a great choice for you? Check out the websites offered by the origination institutions:

CLP courses are blended courses with the primary mode being large classroom videoconferencing. In addition to class sessions students are expected to use a variety of technologies outside of class for communicative activities connecting them to their peers at other institutions.

If there is a course currently offered on your campus, contact your language department for details on how to register or check your timetable. If you are a university interested in participating in our program, please feel free to contact Lauren Rosen, CLP Director.

Instructional Model

CLP uses a blended model of learning that combines classroom-based interactive two-way videoconferencing (ITV) and today's emerging technology tools. Courses are taught 3-4 days per week in a traditional classroom setting that has been modified for ITV. Through the use of this technology, UW Faculty work closely with students locally and on receiving campuses. Native speaking facilitators aid students at receive sites. In addition to attending class sessions, facilitators hold regular office hours. The use of facilitators helps ensure the success of our program on receiving campuses.

Our blended (hybrid) learning environment integrates a variety of other Internet-based technologies as well. We use a web-based course management system to provide structure and tools such as blogs, wikis, voice technology and webcams for further developing language proficiency.

Data since our program's inception maintain the following: