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Sexual Assault Crisis Center

Sep 28, 2015 12:00 AM

Sexual Assault Crisis Center

35 Park Place Suite 100 Appleton WI 54914

Appleton and Outagamie County

Mary Markman


Community/Clinical Mental Health

1.5 hours of training needed before facilitating groups; Planning, working with co-facilitator and processing after group work; Co-facilitating a 1.5-hour group for 10 weeks, once/ week; Student will be expected to arrive early to plan and meet with co-facilitators; and stay after about 30 min to take notes and process the experience.

Survivors of sexual assault Adults, children and teens both male and female.

Most students have or are currently taking group process.



1 Semester


This site will not be available until Fall 2016 for Practicum or Internship students, however group hours are available.
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