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Green Bay Area Public Schools

May 18, 2011 12:00 AM

Green Bay Area Public Schools

200 South Broadway • Green Bay, WI 54303

Green Bay/DePere

Angela Buchenauer


School - Elementary, School - Middle, School - High

Work with four counselors, two social workers, school psychologist, and two associate principals; dealing with all aspects of student development as it relates to high school. This fast-paced Student Services exemplifies the "team" concept.

Elementary-high school students

Self-motivated, hard worker and able to go with flow



1 Semester, 2 Semester


I currently coordinate all placements for Green Bay Area Public Schools. UW Oshkosh students should contact me first with their request for placement and include level interested, type of school preferred, resume and if there is a specific counselor they would like to work with. I will then make contact with our school counselors and determine if a placement is available.
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