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Welcome to the Department of Professional Counseling Internship and Practicum Database

Professional Counseling Internship and Practicum Database welcome page.

Using the Database

This database allows you to search for an internship or practicum site based on several key criteria. To use the database, follow the link below, and select the parameters that you are looking for in an internship or practicum site.  The parameters include the Site emphasis (clinical mental health, school or student affairs), the site location, and the level of placement (practicum, internship or both).

You may choose as many search criteria as you want to pinpoint a site, but if your search does not return any responses, try modifying your search criteria.

Not all of the criteria in each category needs to be selected for a successful search.  For example,  if one selects clinical mental health as the only criteria and then clicks search, it will return information on clinical mental health sites for every location and every level of placement.  Selecting clinical mental health and then a location will return all of the sites that are internship, practicum or both for that site and geographic location.  It is also possible to select a criteria such as clinical mental health and also select multiple locations.

To ease searching, when using the internship or practicum search criteria, if looking for an internship, select both the "internship" and "both" criteria.  When searching for a practicum, select both "practicum" and "both" criteria.

The database is still growing and not every site that is listed in the binders in the Professional Counseling Office is also on the database, so if you are having trouble finding a site here, stop by the offices and check out the binders.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact the Professional Counseling Department at 920 424 1475.


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